I had the great privilege of interviewing Roy Ice the pastor of resource development about his new ministry Bible Lab. Bible Lab is a non-traditional Bible Study at Loma Linda University that meets every Saturday at 10:30 am. Prior to meeting on Saturday, there is a 5-8 minute podcast on their website with the Bible text and question for that week.

He encourages his students to think critically about the text and question in order to create real discussion on biblical topics. They also encourage their students to pray and meditate on the Word throughout the week in order to allow the Holy Spirit to guide them in their studies.

My Interview with Roy Ice:

Why did you create Bible Lab Ministries?

Roy Ice: ” Whenever you have a megachurch like Loma Linda Universty you have the risk of losing community. Creating a sense of community is important in our spiritual walks. In Bible Lab, we are spending time together creating disciples for the Lord. The three core principles of Bible is to be transformative, informative and Create spiritual growth.”

What makes Bible Lab Ministries Different than other local Adventist ministries? 

Roy Ice: ” Bible Lab is geared toward deep discussions. Bible Lab is for people who want to go deep into the word and ask the hard questions. So many Bible studies in the area only focus on memorizing scripture and we want to break that mold. ”

Can you tell us about one fond memory from Bible Lab?

Roy Ice:” A Lady came to tears last week at Bible Lab. She said it was the first time she saw God the father as being loving. She saw Jesus as loving but feared God the Father.”

This question leads into a side tangent that I have included because it sheds light on what Bible Lab is.

Roy Ice: ” We as the question does God forsake me? We were reading the text where Jesus is on the cross but what most people do not know is that he was singing Psalms 22. This is what Bible Lab is about man people connecting to God and knowing who he is. ”

Bible Lab publishes devotional study guides on their website and produces dedicate books that include Bible lab clips that are available to everyone. Roy Ice and Bible Lab are slowly changing the way the Seventh Day Adventist Church conducts Bible Study. Roy Ice has effectively shifted the focus of Bible away from memorizing verses to a sense of true fellowship and community.

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