This morning Diane Sawyer (GMA) brought a “Mission Accomplished” sign out, and couldn’t wait to get rid of it because of her distaste. A more personal bias of the war in Iraq by the media has likely never been seen. The rest of the cast seemed to have the same disrespect for the sign, and anyone has to ask “What do they not know?” Or probably more succinctly “What are they refusing to believe?


The first and foremost mission of going into Iraq was to remove Hussein from power. He could have removed himself peaceably, but he chose not to. He was eventually killed by execution by the people he maligned for so long.


But one might wonder how one could think that the mission was actually accomplished.  We know that Hussein was removed from power, and according to the AP, the grand total of 110,600 Iraqis actually died since the American incursion: Michael Medved : Honest Numbers on Iraqi Deaths Deserve Honest … This seems to contrast with irresponsible estimates of 10x that high, while most of those deaths were accomplished by terrorist IEDs.


We know that no innocent Iraqi was ever targeted to be killed by the military. Also independent elections have taken place to revitalize the Iraqi dream. And we know that not a drop of Iraqi oil was taken from Iraqi soil.


In Iraq 3100 schools have been renovated, 38 new schools have been built, Iraqi women are now allowed to attend schools, Iraq’s air force now consists of three operational squadrons, Iraq’s police force has over 55,000 fully trained and equipped police officers, there are more than 1100 new building projects, there are 1,192,000 cell phone subscribers, cell phone use has gone up 158%, and the Baghdad Stock Exchange opened on 6/04.


All of the previous facts, and many others, can be verified on the Department of Defense website: [].


So many things mainstream media never says: as promised on 2/08 by Col. Michael A. Bills, commander of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, US and Iraqi troops were in full control of Mosul by the end of 7/08. Mosul was one of the last bastions of terrorists left in Iraq. (Mosul footage here.)

Overall, attacks in Mosul and in Ninevah province have declined from 50 a day at the start of the year, to the present number of 10 a day. Major Ra’ad Jalal, an Iraqi officer, revealed: “The security situation in Mosul is improving. It’s safe here now. I’d be happy to come here even without all of this protection.” [12/08]

The continued assaults are fewer, but they don’t diminish the momentous progress. Capt. Hunter Bowers, who presently is in Mosul, summarized his thoughts about their progress in a recent e-mail: “We have had some great success here and a lot of it has to do with the integration of the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police.”

Hussein has been removed, over 40 million Iraqis are now free to run their own country with their own oil, and America and its allies do not have to worry about a terrorist nuclear bomb on their front doorstep made by Hussein.

The mission has been  more than accomplished. But what does that say about the media?


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