Oh trust me I have a couple of ideas. But whereever they
are, they are not where they need to be.
This is a massive cave-in just like the one he pulled in the

This time he has managed to drag along a few more of the
freshmen in the house, thus destroying their credibility as well.

How did he get their support? By promising something he
never intends to deliver.

The idea that the second raise in the debt ceiling requires
a BBA to be passed out of House and Senate to the states is a cynical joke.

Seeing how far and fast he heads to the bottom this time is
there any doubt he will capitulate again next year if the Democrats refuse to
pass the BBA out then?

There will be a new deal then that doesn’t include a BBA. He
will write it, we’ll scream about it, and Reid will threaten it, then Obama
will sign it. We are being played for suckers.

Seeing his chicken-little act now, are we to believe he will
be braver when the election is closer?

Don’t fool yourself.

If Boehner is serious about holding that line at that time,
why not do it now? He is stalling. Stalling until Tea Partiers get so disgusted
with the corrupt cesspool that is Washington, DC that they return to apathy and
the establishment can go about their business.

This is called a rope-a-dope and we are the dopes. He’ll
take some hits and let us wear ourselves out and then sell us out properly.

Don’t believe me?

I can prove it.

Let’s go back to Boehner’s lips. I want to see them on CNN,
MSNBC and FOX making an unambiguous promise with all of the House leadership
standing behind him.

It goes something like this.

“Due to exigent circumstances and the limited timeframe we
feel this plan is the best we can get. However I want to make clear, my plan
gives only a short term hike in the debt ceiling so we have time to study and
revisit the ways in which we can cut spending. We understand we have a serious
spending problem in Washington and it threatens the very survival of the
Republic. Most of you know by now that my plan also requires BOTH houses of
congress to pass out a Balanced Budget Amendment and send it on to the states. This
amendment will require the federal government to spend only what it takes in in
taxes. It will also require a super majority to raise net revenues. And finally,
it will cap federal spending regardless of revenue at 18% of GDP per annum.
There is an exception for military spending during a time of Declared War.

I am here today, with ALL of my Republican House colleagues
behind me to deliver to the American People a promise.

We, the Republicans in the US House of Representatives do
hereby guarantee that we will not now or EVER support any future increase in
the Debt Ceiling of the United States until such time as the Balanced Budget
Amendment has been delivered to the states for ratification and we further
promise we will vigorously and forthrightly oppose ANY and ALL attempts to increase the debt ceiling in the
future until such time as the described Balanced Budget Amendment has been
delivered to the states for ratification.

This we do hereby solemnly promise.

READ OUR LIPS. No further increases in the debt ceiling without a
Balanced Budget Amendment.”


I do not personally like this deal and have been pretty
upfront about that. The reason why is simple. We are being promised what they
do not intend to deliver. This is wiggle room. The above promise would severely
limit that wiggle room. The proof they don’t intend to deliver will be the
silence of them not making this promise in a very public and non-retractable

Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its
promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing.

Edmund Burke

This spring’s flop and this current debt ceiling debacle places
John Boehner squarely in the position of needing to prove he is not that

When that promise doesn’t happen my point is proven.