I have heard the refrain for 10 years. So too have you.

I have heard it from folks I dislike, from folks I respect and from people I both like and respect.

We are told they hate us because we are free.

And it is a lie. Political correctness served large.


There are many reasons why this is a false statement.

For example, it assumes we are free. Given the bureaucratic tyranny that emanates from Washington we should be able to make peace with the ill-informed moo-slems by simply showing them a 1040A, 1099, EEOC form, EPA action report, or have OSHA pay them a visit. One look at the despotism of the beltway and they would be quite satisfied that gee-had was entirely unnecessary. In fact they would likely send us condolences and remittances.

Nope. If they hate us because we are free it has all of the plot sophistication of a sitcom where Jack thinks his wife Sally is cheating on him while she is really working four jobs to buy him the jetski he has wanted since his father was killed while riding one on Jack’s 7th birthday.

I’ll admit I am not an expert on all things iss-lam. I do not regularly read the koo-ran. I did not know the prophet moo-hamid.

But I am quite sure If you read the koo-ran in its original gold-tableted far-see, using harum and scarum stones, you will NOT find even one example of moo-hamid saying something like, “And when thee findeth the man who is free-eth and full-eth of liberty thou must saw-eth his head-off until he be dead.” Pretty sure it’s not there.

So if they don’t hate us because we are free, then why do they hate us?

They do hate us, right?

They hate us because we don’t bow down to mecca 5 times per day.

They hate us because we don’t wear their brand, neck collar or chains.

We recently concluded a 60 year struggle with the USSR. There were many who understood from the beginning that it was a fight to the death. The planet wasn’t big enough for the both of us. Socialism, Leninism, Marxism, could not withstand the economic force that capitalism represents so they were forced to recruit crack –heads from the islands and steer them through the Destitutions of High(er) Larning so they would stand a chance at getting elected while still being controlled by teleprompTER.

(What you thought we won the Cold War against socialism? Chump.)

Because you see, as Marx stated 150 years ago, “peace is the absence of opposition to socialism.”

Well guess what, as it turns out he stole the slogan from iss-lam.

The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to moo-hamid.

A capitalist cares little about the economic beliefs of others and could therefore get along with anybody. Socialists on the other hand cannot EVER tolerate any other system because it shows what a totally ignorant system they have. Iss=lam works the same. Sure, Christians can show, well, Christian tolerance. Not moo-hamid’s guys. Like communists, iss-lamists hide within a population always pushing for “tolerance” of their beliefs. And then when their numbers are right they strike. The world is not big enough for the both of us because they won’t let it be. Give them five minutes in power and its murder the men, rape the women and children, generous dhimmitude for the survivors.

Hate us because we are free?

They hate us because we reject their prophet.

They hate us because we live.

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