By now, we’ve all heard about Mexican President Calderon entering our soil and daring to slam one of our sovereign states to the President’s face. And, of course, we heard about our President’s massive smackdown of this petty ruler’s hubris by spelling out for him Mexico’s own, far more rigid (and, dare we say, fascist?) immigration policies.

Except, of course, it didn’t happen that way.

No, our President could not be bothered to publicly defend the honor of his citizens. Indeed, he refused even to take the easy way out and simply offer a curt nod. Instead, our President, the Leader of the Free World, the CEO of this conglomeration of free states, actually joined in, supplying insults of his own and unleashing with a relish unseen since, well, a couple days before, a string of accusations and promises of retribution.

Of course, that would make Obama a hypocrite, wouldn’t it? President Calderon was a hypocrite the moment he opened his mouth, but by joining him in his criticism, without turning the glass onto Mexico, doesn’t it make the President just as bad?

Well… maybe. I’ve been trying to decide, should the President lower himself to actually explaining his words to those he supposedly serves, how he would spin it. So, taking a page from the Democrat playbook of old, I think I’ve come up with it: The United States, and not Mexico, is a land of opportunity. We are a land with much to offer, while Mexico has little to offer except dysentery and the possibility of being dismembered by a drug cartel. We, the compassionate Americans, OWE to anyone who wants it the ability to join our great nation in order to DO WHAT IS BEST for their families.

Of course, this too is a dilemma for the President. Because that would sound a hell of a lot like American Exceptionalism.