My husband is a bean counter. Though he is now officially retired, he has been known to call City Hall in order that he might obtain the official operating budget which he uses for “recreational reading” for weeks afterward. He can’t help himself.


I’m not complaining, mind you. I have trouble with numbers. I’m actually cursed with a “small” perceptual handicap which is kin to dyslexia. To me, all numbers are interchangeable – a fact which causes moments of great intensity at my job where I must regularly accept payments and balance the bank book. This affliction also makes contemplating the world economic crisis something of a challenge to me. Knowing my limitations, my husband – bless his heart – sent me this video in order that I might understand the problem better.




So, now I understand that IF there is hope, it’s small and fragile. It depends upon the American people’s willingness to endure hardship – a capacity I fear we’ve eliminated from our National bag of tricks. We’re in big trouble.


I had hoped that the Mayan prophecies about the 2012 apocalypse were overblown. Now I’m not so sure. As a matter of fact, when I imagine the rioting and revolution which could happen when we cut off the welfare checks and medicaid, I understand why Barack Obama has quietly obtained the power (by way of an executive order run through the media gauntlet on a Friday evening back in March) to declare martial law and seize food products for governmental distribution even in peace-time. There is no doubt that we will eclipse Greece in the rioting in the streets department.


I confess, I don’t thoroughly understand the why of this but I do know this. If I ran my household budget the way the Democrats in congress have run the country’s over the past fifty years – and they have been in charge for all but four years of that time – my little family would live at the Salvation Army.


Do yourself a favor and watch this video. It will open your eyes. There are answers, but they will be painful. There are answers, but they will actually require your participation beginning with whom you elect in November.