I’m with Mitt Romney. Let’s send Barack Obama and his angry, divisive, hateful political activities back to Chicagoland. THEN, let’s build a fence around the second city so no other crooked politicians can get out amongst the rest of us to spoil American politics with their thuggery.


Earlier today I came across a story wherein Touré, (This guy, who is a co-host on MSNBC’s “The Cycle,” must see himself as a musical force to be reckoned with – the male version of a diva – along the lines of Madonna and/or Cher. Come to think of it, the term might apply. I find him to be every bit as offensive as those women,) coined the phrase “niggerization” to describe what Mitt Romney is trying to do to Barack Obama.


Apparantly, Mitt Romney speaks in ‘code.” When Romney made the – go back to Chicago where you belong – comment, Touré says what he really meant was something like this. “Barack Obama is the angry black man your mamma warned you about.” Really?


Mitt Romney seems to be an articulate man with superb communication skills. Why do you think he just wouldn’t say that right out loud if that’s what he meant? Oh. Yeah. Because, it wasn’t what he meant. What he meant to say was…


“Barry, the people of the United States of America are sick of your dirty, divisive, angry, hateful Chicago-style politics. Why don’t you and your tactics go back where you came from?”


There’s no code in that. It’s plain-speak and long overdue, if you ask me.


As for the Touré-ian term “niggerization,” I understand that it seems to be one of those words only black people can use. I’ll have to ask some of my black friends precisely why I’m automatically forbidden to employ it when Touré can toss it around in order to sully the reputations of perfectly fine men like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan – this is the granddaddy of  “putting words into somebody’s mouth.”


The bottom line is this: The Obamaites of the world still cannot find a way for the President to participate in a colorless election. Each and every bit of criticism which comes Obama’s way is deemed “racial” and every utterer of such criticism is accused of having a pointy-white hood in his/her closet. I had hoped that when we elected a half-black man as President we could get beyond this pigmentation nonsense. I guess I was wrong.


The good news is, people like Touré, who cannot help but bring color into every conversation, are actually working to win the election for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. You know why? Because the American voters are sick of dirty, divisive, angry, hateful Chicago-style politics and there is no CODE in that. Go home, Barry and allow this country to begin the healing process.