Over the weekend I bought and started listening to a new audio book – The Amateur, Barack Obama in the White House by Edward Klein. I’m pleased (or sad)(or both) to report, at least by Mister Klein’s reckoning, I’m right.


Barack Obama is not just dangerous, he’s deadly and he’ll stop at nothing to have a second term.


This book is billed as a “reporter’s book” written by a man whose illustrious career places him at Vanity Fair, Newsweek, and the New York Times Magazine. It’s also written for reporters – prudently – in a way that makes it very valuable for those of us who attempt to report upon the news and make sense of it for others. His notes from interviews done in preparation for this book and the “outing” of Barack Obama are voluminous – over a thousand pages – and startling in many ways. Not the least of which is how eagerly former Obama supporters come forward to give us critical insights.


Mind you, I’m only nine chapters into the book, but the Obama style is apparent from page one. Barack Obama is the president of broken promises because he was first the candidate of broken promises. The man has left behind him a human ladder of former friends, supporters and, yes, even spiritual leaders, who are used up and, as in the case of the Obama’s former preacher Jeremiah Wright, now represent a liability. He discards people like used Kleenex and never looks back.


Far be it from me to be a spoiler – and besides, I’ve not even reached the juicy parts of the book like how Oprah Winfrey became persona non grata at the White House – so I won’t drone on about the book except to say, I can already tell that it is an important book and a window into the soul of the 45th President.


If you care about this country, I join former Vice President Dick Cheney in urging you to read it soon, then share it with your friends. (Newsmax magazine currently offers a special price on the book $4.95, while supplies last. And no, I’m not schilling for Newsmax. I just think it’s an important read.)


With only 77 days remaining until the fateful election morning of November 6th, we who truly believe in the greatness of this nation must do everything within our power to educate ourselves and our neighbors about Barack Obama – a megalomaniac who is, in his own way, just as sick as Emperor Caligula ever was. I don’t know if he engages in depraved sex acts in the White House, but I do know there’s blood on his hands. (If you doubt that, ask the Special Forces members who produced and published Dishonorable Disclosures.) This man must be stopped before it’s too late.