Wednesday greetings from that land mass between New Orleans and Mobile – otherwise known as Mississippi! Here in the North Eastern corner of the state we are all well, dry and able to watch the RNC coverage without interruption.


Not everybody in my household is as committed to a Republican victory as I am. My ancient mother, who shares my life and my home, last night sat on the couch and over-spoke Scott Walker, John Kasich and Nikki Haley. Ultimately, I was forced to barricade myself in my bedroom and watch the rest of last night’s activities in relative quiet. (I love her – I do. I just have some fine-tuning to accomplish regarding her habit of keeping silent only when the commercials come on.)


Of course, the “relative quiet” to which I refer has to do with me standing on my bed, waving my little American flag and cheering just like all the rest of the Republican faithful as Ann Romney and Chris Christie spoke. It was an amazing evening for Mitt Romney and the people of this great nation.


If you weren’t watching – and if not, why not? – I can condense it all fairly well for you. You need to know that Mitt Romney is a good and decent man who worries about those of us who must struggle to keep the wolves from our door every day. You also need to know that the Romney-Ryan team, like the many Republican Governors across the nation, stand ready to confront the problems this nation faces and to work to solve them even if it means sacrifice and tough times.


The Republican governors lined up to tell their individual tales of how they took states with big budget deficits and ugly fiscal futures and turned them around. They spoke to the fact that the lowest unemployment rates are in States with Republican Governors. The job creating engines are alive and well in Red States. It was heartening.


The evening’s message was clear.  It’s time to stop ignoring the big lizard. Our Nation is in deep, dark fiscal yogurt and only by facing our problems with honesty and courage can we restore our greatness. The Republicans pledge to gird themselves with the truth of our perilous position and sally forth to slay the deficit dragon. I’m ready…now where did I put my gauntlets?