I can’t wait until next week.


Now that the Republican National Convention has unfolded before us – now that real leaders have showed us the map to prosperity and told us about the journey their individual states have taken toward the goal of more and better – after the nominees showed us the plan and bid us come along for the ride, I just can’t wait to hear what the Democrats will have to say about it.


My guess is their rhetoric will be about blaming Congress, blaming the American people, blaming the successful, and, of course, blaming George W. Bush. They might even throw in a bit of pre-blaming for Romney and Ryan to garnish their poisoned plate.


I’m betting there will be no compass. I’m fairly certain there will be no map. They will – as usual – say they know the way to go, but they will tell us they’ve already given us the co-ordinates to the pot of gold they promised. Oops. I mean the oceans and the planet. Pots of gold are for the 1%, I guess. They will stay the course.


They will seek to make Americans feel envious of each other. They will seek to divide us further and, the miscreants and whiney-babies who seek to OCCUPY everything will all slap each other on the back and congratulate each other for being correct. (I don’t think it’s allowed for them to be right…)


I’ve come to believe that there is an entire segment of our population who have been inoculated against pride and passion for America. There are some who are immune to the rousing, passionate exuberance we saw in Tampa. There are some who can no longer hope for that change Obama promised them. They only have the time and energy to be bitter and to try to smear their own defeat and hopelessness upon the rest of us.


If I could just capture them all and MAKE them watch the speech Marco Rubio gave on the final night of the RNC, I’d be a happy camper. Alas, I don’t have that power. What I can do and will do, though, is wear my Romney t shirt and my Ryan baseball cap wherever I go and preach the gospel of real hope and honest change. I will not change the minds of five Obama voters. I’ll take on ten. I’ll do it because I cannot afford to do less. My dreams are riding on the Romney/Ryan ticket.


So are yours, my friend.