Am I the only one who gets a little creeped-out over this stuff?


I read yesterday about the vendors outside the DNC hawking souvenirs which have Barack Obama depicted in Holy and Divine ways. Ewwww. If ever there was a President less holy than Barack Obama it would have to be Bill Clinton. Oh. Yeah. He’s on deck this week too. Double ewwww.


Here’s a bulletin. Barack Obama is NOT the second coming of Jesus Christ. To even suggest such a travesty makes me worry about thunderbolts.


While the party does not officially sanction this kind of thing, it’s interesting to note that there is a backdrop for the DNC stage designed to resemble a Cathedral’s stained-glass window which will be in use later this week. I would be willing to guess that the incumbent’s message to the people will be framed by these holy(?) trappings.


Also in yesterday’s news was the almost over-look-able announcement that the word “GOD” has been eliminated from the Democrat Platform. Additionally, traditional references to our close ties to Israel (you remember the Israeli’s…they’re God’s chosen people) and our long-held and often asserted conviction that Jerusalem is the rightful capital of Israel have also been erased from mention in the platform of the democrats.


Ahh. But they do support a woman’s right to abortions regardless of that woman’s ability to pay. (Read taxpayer funded abortions for all! Yippie. Let the orgies begin.)


That the Democrats are fostering these delusions about Barack Obama’s divinity makes me not just sick…it makes me worry for our country. It’s not unusual for people to seek God when things are hard, and it’s been VERY hard for Americans since Barack Obama took office, but what manner of mesmerizing has this megalomaniac accomplished that he people can look at his systematic destruction of our economy and our wealth and see only goodness and light?


My first thought is, how stupid do the Democrats think we are. Then I think…..maybe Obama’s the Anti-Christ?


The good news is, the Bible describes the Ant-Christ as a military genius who creates a seven-year plan for world peace. This is obviously above Obama’s pay grade. He can’t even create jobs in ONE country.


But, friends. Jesus Christ he aint.