I live in a town where there seems to be a church on every corner. My town is also populated by a majority of people of color. Because I know my neighbors to be God-fearing people and governed by Biblical principles, it never ceases to amaze me that they still cling to the myth that they are Democrats. (I was even told recently that it was Abraham Lincoln – a Democrat(?) – who freed the slaves.)


Not all of the black citizens of this community are as easily fooled as others. For example, yesterday at my real job, I fell into conversation with several of my co-workers who were railing over the brouhaha at the DNC on Wednesday when the word God was re-inserted into the Democratic Platform. Thomas, a black man with whom I’ve worked for years and who is generally NOT inspired by politics, was astonished to learn that reference to the Deity had been extracted from his party’s founding document. What astonished him more was when he learned that his party was also running on taxpayer funded abortion on demand, and that those abortions could legally be accomplished even in late-term when a suction tube is inserted into the infant’s skull to remove the little brain.



Thomas really got uncomfortable when he learned that the term “marriage equality” means same-sex marriage. Thomas, a manly man, physically cringed at that.


We sometimes forget that the game of politics is just another kind of marketing effort. In the case of the Democrats, they are selling cyanide tablets with sugar coating. They don’t want the voters to know what they’re buying will destroy this nation. They simply want a vote motivated by ignorance and simple blind obedience to a fairy-tale party which has managed to keep them from prospering these past three years. Sadly, their promotional efforts seem to be working.


For my part, I’ve printed the Democratic Platform and will use my yellow highlighter liberally to point out the planks which are inconsistent with the value system of the people who live in my little town. (And, yes. While I can’t officially campaign at my job, I do wear a subtle, subliminal Mitt Romney tee at work. But, I wear them everywhere. I’m an equal opportunity zealot.)


As conservatives, we must make it our business to gently challenge our friends and co-workers. Help them examine their reasons for voting Democrat. If Thomas is any indication, there are many voters who have been scammed.