When I was a little girl, I usually spent half my time at Saturday movie matinees with my hands covering my eyes. To this day, I’m apt to cover my eyes when there is a graphic scene in a movie, or even when the background music of the program I’m watching begins to sound sinister. I have hated violence and blood all of my life.


This morning, I was researching the word “jihad” and happened to open the “images” section of my Google search while I was about it. BIG MISTAKE!

There are real pictures of real bodies which have been burned, mutilated and otherwise desecrated. There are images of decapitated bodies and sufficient blood and gore to make me upchuck. Don’t go there.


I bring it up because the people who perpetrate such acts of violence are real. This isn’t Hollywood. These are real monsters who believe themselves to be justified in their barbaric behavior because of their religious beliefs. These, reader friends, are the people our President is apologizing to these days. Where are our priorities, people? Is THIS the kind of thing Americans tolerate in world neighbors?


Following the terrorist attack on the Libyan consulate, our President and the State Department have been bowing, scraping and groveling seeking forgiveness for the youtube video they claim inspired the Islamic unrest all of which has – you’ll excuse the term, gone viral – and now engulfs the globe.


Now wait a minute. We are asking forgiveness for a mere video while these crazy people burn, crucify, disembowel and behead their captives?  This President has it all wrong! You can say that he is perhaps more sensitive to the Islamic mind-set because he was raised in a Muslim household and was at least purported to be one of the faithful if his grade-school records can be believed. You can tell me that his attempts to pour oil on the troubled water in the Middle East are in the nature of a long term plan to bring peace to the world. But if you believe such, you’re either blind or really ignorant of the baser nature of men. People like these murderers are not about to be swayed by kindness. Quite the contrary. They want blood. They want lots of it. And they want it now.


This administration’s policy is a bit like bringing marshmallows to a cross-burning. We won’t be singing “Kumbya” with the terrorists anytime soon. As a matter of fact, until we take a solid stand and “man up,” we’re in real danger of becoming fuel for the flames.