If arrogance were a capital crime, Barack Obama would be on death row. I’m still reeling from the news that the Leader of the Free World rarely attends his own daily intelligence and national security briefings.  He gets the briefings on his I-Pad and calls it good. (How arrogant is it to refuse to avail oneself of the intelligence resources available to the man in the Oval Office? That’s just goofy!) Of course, since American citizens and diplomats have been falling down dead in Libya because of Obama’s reckless ignorance of the threats, he has been paying closer attention. Of course, I know that he’s doing that because he’s on very thin ice with the American public. I’m sure he understands that if all his lies…shucks…if only half his lies were uncovered and served up on the evening news, he’d stand less than a snowball’s chance of winning the election come November. He’s busier than the proverbial one-armed paper hanger at this point trying to keep us all in the dark and under control.


We conservatives have the opportunity now to help overthrow this evil regime. If we just ram home the list of criminally negligent behaviors of this President and his people every chance we get, we might change the narrative in the days remaining before the election. We cannot depend upon the main stream media to do it – although I must say that I have seen a couple of reports which give me hope for the alphabet news channels. They are in love and, as we all know, love is blind, deaf, dumb and stupid. It’s now our chance to ask die-hard liberals some why questions.


  • Why did the State Department and the White House ignore the fifteen or so OTHER attacks on embassies leading up to the September 11, 2012 attacks?
  • Why did the Administration think that American Ambassador was safe when an assassination attempt had been made on the British Ambassador just days before 9/11?
  • Why did the State Department and the White House refuse to provide more security as they were repeatedly requested to do BEFORE the attacks?
  • Why were the security guards at Benghazi and at the Embassy in Cairo armed with RUBBER BULLETS? (Not very effective ammo when met with RPGs.)
  • Why has the FBI managed NOT to secure the crime scene? If it’s so dangerous, how is it that CNN can go in and snag sensitive documents to publish?
  • Why did the White House lie to the American public about the reason for these attacks?
  • Why is the administration reluctant to undertake the full investigation BEFORE the election?


The answers are all the same.  It’s all about image.


It is hurtful to the President’s image among the voters for him to appear incompetent. It’s hurtful for the President to appear to be less than an expert on the Muslim mind-set. (He was raised in a Muslim household, after all, and has a Muslim sister. Surely that makes him a virtual Henry Kissinger when it comes to Middle Eastern affairs, right?) It is hurtful to be caught with the first pants down around the presidential ankles in terms of national security. We’re being given the mushroom treatment, America. We’re being kept in the dark and being fed bovine excrement. It’s time to shed some light on this President and his crimes – yes, crimes – against the people.