Rick Yuzzi is a marketing executive for a technology company, a husband, dad of two small ones, and a follower of Jesus Christ. He’s conservative politically, but also an independent thinker. He likes to think he has a good sense of humor, and enjoys talking about himself in the third-person. You can follow him on Twitter at @RickYuzzi.


    Stop Border Crossings to Stop the Flood

    I’m glad the president has put forth a proposal for handling the influx of illegal immigrants who have surged across the border, but the dollar figure stuns me. He’s asking for 3.7 billion dollars. That’s almost four-thousand-million dollars. He met with Rick Perry today, and afterward talked about what we need to do to stem the flood. One thing he wants to do is work | Read More »

    Scientific Evidence for the Resurrection

    Scientific Evidence for the Resurrection

    There are many who think Christians are anti-science. I’m a Christian, but I embrace science and see it as one more tool for finding the truth. I see an all powerful creator in the Big Bang, when our universe exploded into existence in a flash of light out of nothing at all. I see a designer in biological machines like the bacterial flagellum, which cannot be explained | Read More »

    My Rant about Atlanta’s SnowJam 2014

    Here’s my rant about the Atlanta SnowJam 2014. It’s probably different than what you’re expecting. I’m not mad at the mayor or the governor or the weather forecasters. I’m tired of listening to the media’s incessant questions about who is to blame and why we were not more prepared. I’d love to go back in time and put one of those reporters in charge, without | Read More »

    Translating a Democrat’s Pro-Choice Prayer

    There was a pro-choice rally at the State Capitol in Des Moines Iowa on Wednesday. Senator Jack Hatch and Rep. Tyler Olson, both of whom are running for governor, joined Midge Slater and fifty other activists in a prayer thanking God for access to abortions. Here are some of things that Ms. Slater and the others prayed for: “We give thanks, oh Lord, for the doctors, | Read More »

    Get that Man a Drink

    Tuesday night Marco Rubio delivered an excellent rebuttal to President Obama and the democrats message of spend, tax and spend some more. He was a great spokesperson for the conservative message. He was confident, eloquent and he was right about what it will take to get this country back on track. Unfortunately, he was also thirsty. It certainly was an odd time to take a | Read More »

    A Closing Argument – Why Four More Years?

    It’s time for the closing arguments in this election, and we need to make ours. This is the most important election of our time. The most important question everyone should be asking themselves is: “Why four more years?” All you Facebookers please ask that of all of your friends. I’ve made it easy and written the post for you. Let’s make a closing argument to | Read More »

    The VP Debate and the Abortion Question Not Asked

    Unlike the first presidential debate, abortion came up last night in the VP debate. Ryan did a good job explaining his position, indicating that, in addition to his religious beliefs, science and reason informed his opinion on abortion, which is that life begins at conception.  Where he and other pro-life politicians fall short is in countering the position of people like Joe Biden. Biden also | Read More »

    You Didn’t Build That!

    I hate to say this, but I completely agree with Barack Obama and his supporters when they say that many Republicans are taking the President’s words out of context when he said “You didn’t build that.” Before you stop reading, or ask that I be banned from this site forever, please hear me out. First, I think that by taking his words out of context | Read More »