Perhaps I am just becoming paranoid, but the words “never let a crisis go to waste” keeps flashing through my mind as I recall the last three weeks. First on April 6th we have a deadly explosion in a coal mine in West Virginia which resulted in the deaths of dozens of workers. Coincidentally, the Massey mine also pushed out union control in recent years. I had a sick feeling when it first happened for the families and hoped ,like everyone else, that the missing miners would be found alive. I saw that at least two were, and then were rushed off to a local hospital, but not before Chinese reporters noted the bizarre fact that both were clean shaven-after 40 plus hours of being inside the mine. Possible yes,probable?  hmmm-as a woman who has been married for over twenty years-my husband needs a shave after about 8 hours-40 and he would be working on a beard. I choose option B for definitely not probable. Something doesn’t add up with this one.

Then , we have the oil rig explosion off of the coast of Louisiana. The Deepwater Horizon oil rig, has an explosion and as if on cue, the media and newspapers scream about pollution in the water and new EPA regulations needed. This all happens about a month after Obama  signs an executive order opening up some areas for deepwater drilling,much to his liberal base’s dismay. Am I crazy here or is is it just a little too convenient that in the exact same month that Obama and the senate are starting to push a cap and trade bill,not one ,but TWO catastrophes happen that they rush to portray as proof positive that more EPA regulation is just the cure required? I’ll accept the paranoid moniker,but should we see a natural gas explosion or crisis of some kind-we seem to have a pattern . There is an appropriate saying that the Marines use that I will paraphrase here- “ONCE IS HAPPENSTANCE,TWICE IS A COINCIDENCE,THREE TIMES IS ENEMY ACTION.” It does not escape my notice that each one of Obama’s policy initiatives and the resulting bill, has been precluded by an “emergency” of some sort. One is left to wonder if these crises are generated to get the desired effect or just miraculously happen at just the right time to get an agenda item passed. I’m not a betting woman, but 2 and 2 are not adding up to four here. I will wait very patiently for someone to prove me wrong in my suspicions.