I lived in Missouri for three years while my husband was stationed at Ft. Leonardwood and spent  too much time changing the channel whenever Claire showed up on my t.v. I want her gone from the public purview. That said, watch Akin’s interview. These statements are clearly his own views(and he has a right to them). He did not stutter, stammer, or take even a millisecond of thought to answer the question put to him. There was NO mis statement, no mis speaking, no error in his mind. I would wager that it wasn’t until the calls started coming in that he might have gotten a glimmer of a clue about how offensive some of his word choices were.
Now we have a mea culpa ad asking for forgiveness- for using the word ~legitimate~. What about the rest of it? Do you really believe the other reasoning you gave sir? I think the answer is YES.

It is my SINCERE hope that out in the annals of the blogging and journalistic world, we have people furiously going through past words,interviews, and written statements to make damn sure that there is nothing else like this out there. I have a sinking feeling that there is and Claire and Co are not only aware of it, but have it already downloaded and ready to go. this woman is devious and very manipulative, she pushed him in the primaries because he was the weakest and easiest to beat. Ask yourself why that would be? Where there is smoke, there is fire. Does a 25 year politician(Akin) just up and say something that mind numbingly dumb only once, right after winning a tough primary and less than three months to a nation changing election? I doubt it, there is more out there waiting to be dumped, you can forgive a one time poor choice of words, but what about two times? three or more? He has to go today.