Anne Coulter and I don’t always agree(Bill Maher?????) but in her new editorial, we are in complete accord. Since the seat in MO is likely lost to us anyway, why let our party be saddled with one man’s idiotic and pathetic viewpoint? A write in campaign must be mounted immediately. Republicans should be on t.v. far and wide stating that Mr Akin’s statements do not reflect their viewpoint( or reality) and although we are also prolife, their support and money will go to a write in candidate on the matter of principal. Kit Bond has the experience,the recognition, and the easy to spell name  for the job and there are most likely others who will also fit the bill.
I have stated before that I am 100 percent pro life in all cases(speaking for myself). I do not believe in a rape exception, legitimate or otherwise. However, the crack pot, whack a doodle, non -scientific ” theory” that he used to justify his ridiculous statement  in one fell swoop demonstrated his complete lack of political sense, any sense of biology( rape rooms in Africa and other places produce children, sir)whatever, this topic has been kicked to death. The smarts to be a conservative politician are lacking in this man, Lord only knows what else he has said in the past that we are sure to be treated to (and forced to defend) by Claire and Co.
The biggest reason for my willingness to aide in and help fund a write in campaign is not necessarily the words he said in the now infamous interview, it is the behavior afterwards. A tin ear, turning off phones and email capability from his own constituency, going on cable news for interviews and calling those who asked him to step down party bosses, actually believing a push poll when his own polling MUST show another picture entirely- the list just continues and is sure to grow over the days. I don’t want to have to defend this idiot to people I am trying to bring over to our conservative cause, I don’t want him tied in anyway to other candidates who were ahead or barely behind before his self serving and despicable , me first actions. Anyone in MO who has any knowledge of how to mount a write in campaign or knows of any way to help in getting someone else  into this race, whether it is through money or written support or whatever, please let the rest of us in on it. We do not have to take this man who the democrats foisted upon us and we do not necessarily have to write the seat off either, fight fire with fire I say.