One of McCain’s great strengths in past campaigns has been his rapport with the press. Far from disliking the press, he referred to it as “my base.”

This morning a reporter for the LA Times offers her sympathetic view about how that mutually supportive relationship fell apart:,0,7533361,full.story

At the core of the story is a careless comment made by Carly Fiorina.

I work for HP, and so I do have a very negative opinion about Ms. Fiorina, as do my co-workers and ex co-workers, especially the latter.

I was amazed and appalled when Fiorina emerged as a top adviser and campaign surrogate for McCain, because I knew that her only interest would be self-interest.

Talk about a diva, who goes off script – Ms. Fiorina is it!,0,7533361,full.story