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The “Boston Tea Party” was one of the catalysts that led to America’s breakaway from Great Britain. How ironic is this: “British Tea Party Movement to launch on Saturday“. Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, who has frequently been on Fox News and talk radio, is encouraging people to go to Brighton for the event. He lays out the case:

Labour has raised more than a trillion pounds in additional taxation since 1997. Yet, unbelievably, Gordon Brown has still managed to run up a deficit of 12.6 per cent of GDP (Greece’s is 12.7 per cent). A far lower level of taxation brought Americans out in spontaneous protest last year.

He adds this:

Oh, and this being England, we’ll be serving actual, you know, tea.

In case you don’t remember or know who Hannan is, this video should serve as a tour de force for conservatives:

(Hat tip: Hot Air Headlines)

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