Last night on Bill O’Reilly’s show, he interviewed someone named Cathy Areu from some magazine called Catalina (according to O’Reilly, it’s targeted towards Latinas), and he wanted her to explain her Palin Derangement Syndrome. Let’s just say Ms. Areu isn’t exactly thrilled with Sarah Palin, and she explains why at around the 48-second mark. Take a gander:

This woman is a walking object lesson, folks.

The key line (H/T: NewBusters):

I really arrived at it because I feel she does present herself as Larry the Cable Guy. I’m your next-door neighbor. I’m your Sarah Sixpack. I can drink beer with you. And I don’t believe she is. I believe she eats caviar and drinks champagne.

O’Reilly interpreted that to conclude Areu believes Palin is a diva, which Areu acknowledged is true. When pressed by O’Reilly to back that up, Areu responded with the same charge O’Reilly showed Areu making on Headline News show Showbiz Tonight, reiterating that “She [Palin] made $12 million since last July.”

So for most of the segment, Areu is all worked up by how much money Palin has made, and, boo-hoo, Palin doesn’t have to do things that Areu has to do to make a living; Areu even tries to nail O’Reilly with this charge and he would have none of it. At 4:27, Areu gets her other dig in, “She also claimed she, she didn’t know what she was reading.” Of course, that wasn’t the case; when originally asked by Katie Couric back in 2008, Palin did not name a specific newspaper that she did read (for the record, I don’t read specific newspapers either, and haven’t for a long time; I too get my news from a variety of sources). I’ve never heard of this woman (Cathy Areu) or the magazine she publishes; of course, I’m not a Latina myself, so that shouldn’t be all that surprising. Neither is Palin.

There are two things about this Areu that really come out. First, she projects like every other run-of-the-mill leftist; Areu acts like a diva wannabe, then projects that on to Palin. Second, and worse, Areu comes off as a catty woman, a woman who would be jealous that the other women in her neighborhood have nicer houses, nicer cars, better-looking husbands, better behaved children, and so on. She whines how Palin and O’Reilly can shop at Tiffany and take limos and don’t have to go to Walmart or drive their own cars to work or take the subway like she does, even as Areu admits that Palin is as much a self-made woman as Areu is, because money changes people. It’s all projection; how much do you want to bet this Areu would shop at Tiffany and take limos to work if she had more money?

The bottom line is that this Cathy Areu isn’t any kind of role model for any woman, especially Latinas. She’s a bad example for any young girl to follow.

(Hat tip: Fire Andrea Mitchell!)