Today was unbelievable. I had thought that the weakness of the Obama regime was overshadowed by a corrupt media, caught in the act, seeking to keep Obama in office. But even the Democrat media’s pathetic protection of the regime was overshadowed by Obama’s negligence.

Obama brought in Biden to bolster the President’s dearth of foreign policy expertise. Biden is a joke and worse, potentially a seriously ill old man who has no business being in his current position. Then Obama brings in Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State because her husband was President and supposedly his knowledge rubbed off on her. As the events of the last couple of days have shown, this regime is a train wreck.

By now, we all know about the Islamist barbarians’ attacks on the U.S. government in Egypt and Libya and the murder of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. The Obama regime’s response has been incredibly weak, which was highlighted correctly by GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

And it was Romney the Democrat media attacked, on orders from the Obama regime. Why? Because Romney hit Obama where it hurt and Obama knew it. As it turns out, the Democrat media is not only covering for Obama’s weakness and incompetence, but his negligences as well.

The consulate in Libya wasn’t an embassy so the State Department had some of its own people and some Libyans as guards instead of Marines. And as it turns out, some of the Libyans were compromised by the terrorists and helped to get the Americans killed. So one question is, why weren’t there any Marines guarding the diplomats? I have no doubt it was possible for the regime to have gotten this set up since Obama is sending 50 Marines now. AFTER THE FACT and AFTER OUR AMBASSADOR WAS MURDERED!!! But I haven’t seen the Democrat media ask that question of Obama and his regime. Yet.

In a random act of journalism (H/T for the phrase: Rush Limbaugh), the New York Times is reporting that the attacks were likely planned, possibly by terrorists tied to Al Qaeda, and not some random mob violence by “outraged” Muslims. Now you would think with the sophisticated intelligence apparatus the federal government has in place, the regime might have taken steps to at least better protect its diplomats or get them out of there. As reported by Guy Benson reports, there were warning signs about Libya recently that should have warranted some kind of action on the part of the regime prior to the attack. There wasn’t any. Plus, it’s highly likely the whole Muslim “outrage” was a ruse that the regime and its Democrat puppets has fallen for. Not only that, it turns out Obama has neglected to go to his own intelligence briefings. What’s he been doing? The fact that after his little no-questions-please presser Obama decided to go to Vegas to campaign. That is outright negligence on Obama’s part.

Obama is proving he knows how to do only one thing, run for elective office. That’s it. Once he gets in, he spends all of his time on his next campaign. Romney recognized this whole situation stunk and was properly critical of his opponent.

Romney can’t become President soon enough.

Cross-posted at Scipio the Metalcon.