Well, well, well. For nearly two weeks, Barack Obama and his hypocritical martinets tried to blame the trailer to some anti-Mohammed movie, a movie that may not have even been made (unless the trailer is it), for most of the violent unrest in the Middle East by Muslims (they finally admitted the murders of Americans in Benghazi were caused by terrorists, but have still tried to say the video had a hand in it). Instead of just denouncing the violence, Obama and fellow idiot Hillary Clinton had to “shoot first” and “aim later” by denouncing the video as well in a vain and stupid attempt to placate Islamist terrorists and other Muslim radicals. They even went so far as to spend taxpayer dollars on an advertisement in Pakistan to scapegoat the video and the filmmaker. This is on top of leaking the filmmakers name and address and having him arrested (released shortly thereafter), along with trying to intimidate Google into pulling the video (Google refused). (The ad did not have the desired affect.)

Back at a private art gallery in New York City, the infamous “Piss Christ”, paid for by taxpayers, is being displayed. As of now, all that talk from Obama and his regime about religious tolerance is only being directed towards appeasing Islamist terrorists and warning Americans not to exercise their rights to free speech by being critical of Islam. But when the religion is the one Obama, Clinton, and the other Democrat puppets claim to profess, nothing. Not a single, solitary word. No phone call to the gallery to intimidate them into taking the exhibit down, no midnight raid on the welfare whore who produced this “art”. It’s almost as if Obama is daring Christians to burn down the gallery and the exhibit, because that’s what it seems to take for Obama to extend the tolerance talk towards his supposed faith.

Forget about it. Obama plans on taking his Islam appeasement show to the UN this week. Never one to let the Constitution get in his way, the incompetent Obama will show the world how the buck stops at everyone else but him as he grovels to terrorists, aided and abetted by the corrupt Democrat media. As John Nolte says, Obama will make this “the ultimate Big Brother moment of this presidency.”

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