Even as the Washington Post readily admits there still exists a HUGE Democrat bias there since before the 2008 election, they show no interest in changing it. Take a look at the title of this piece from a couple days ago, “Afghan troops get a lesson in American cultural ignorance“. Now, we know that reporters don’t necessarily have the final say in what an article’s title will be; that job is usually with the editors. But whomever it was that titled this piece, it was derived from this sentence:

The goal is to convince Afghan troops that when their Western counterparts do something deeply insulting, it’s likely a product of cultural ignorance and not worthy of revenge.

‘Scuse me? Which people are being culturally ignorant? As the WaPo reporters acknowledge in a prior paragraph, the U.S. military has put in a large effort to having their troops understand Afghan culture. Unfortunately, things Americans do on a regular basis (many of which are identified in the piece) are difficult to curtail no matter how much cultural awareness is provided.

After dealing with having Americans in their country for 11 years, the Aghan military, with help from the U.S. military and NATO, is finally taking steps to provide an awareness of American culture to their soldiers, something that an Afghan general admits is long overdue. No kidding.

But the problem with this piece is the blame-America-first attitude that infests the Democrat media, blaming Americans for cultural ignorance even as the reporters show the problem is the Afghans, especially those stuck in 12th Century Muslim tribalism. There was nothing preventing Afghans from doing this a decade ago; but for whatever reason they chose not to. If there was something to report, this is what reporters should be investigating, not putting out articles trying to make one point and undercutting their point later on.

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