All of the drama over Mitt as the imperfect candidate has taken me back to the early days of the Bush presidency. When he was silent on the AWB, except to have said if it reached his desk he would sign it. People threw a fit. They wanted him to come out swinging on the issue and that he would go so far as to say sure, he’d sign it if he saw it, incensed them. Conservatives were ready to not vote for him and, probably, the gun owners he lost because they didn’t know how to play the game were the difference between Gore trying to steal the election, and a Bush 3 million vote victory that should have been.

Back then I kept telling people to shut up and think. Listen to what he said. IF it reached his desk he’d sign it. A clearer message could not be sent during a campaign: Make sure I have a House and Senate that will never send it to me because, right now, I have to play the game the best I can. I went over this and over it. Still people were complaining after he was elected. After the AWB died they still complained. It wasn’t enough it was dead, they wanted Bush to have killed it. They wanted to see him wield the mighty pen. That he did not meant he was no conservative.

In fact he wasn’t much of a conservative but he was a decent Republican and he held things together in a difficult time. As long as he could. But nothing he did made those hardliners happy. That he did not single handedly slay the AWB was enough to make them stay home. Enough that we almost got Gore and then Kerry. Looking back now we can all see what a trainwreck either of those events would have played out to be.

But now we’ve got the same sort of thing going on with Romney. Yes, he’s a lesser candidate. But he’s superior to the alternative. He’s playing the game. He can win and he will be better for our side than the alternative. If we give him a House and Senate that will have his back he might even turn out to be, with some help, some of what we’re looking for in a president. But some of you are going to have to get past the Bush days and that AWB type fixation. It doesn’t matter what seemingly messed up way things get done at this point so long as they get done.

Hold back your vote. Keep insisting he do things not only that you want but the way you want them when you want them. Hand this election to Obama and submit this nation to four years of unrestrained socialist rule by Executive Order. Then what? You can pat yourself on the back for cutting off your noses to spite your faces? The rest of us will really be appreciative, as will your children…and the bankers and the Elites for entirely different reasons.