If you think she’s dumb, then I encourage you to use your own smarts to build a time machine and forever send yourself to pre-1776 times; you’ll like it there.

Throughout the general election campaign, I have been thoroughly disgusted with people who demonize Sarah Palin. Since the end of August, there has been no shortage of folks who choose to say that they “can’t stand” her or even “hate” her. Nobody has been able yet to coherently explain to me why they feel this way, but rest assured that it’s not just the media who want her out of the picture. I have been at times physically sickened by the personal smear jobs- the Alaska Independence Party (she NEVER was associated with them, unlike Barack Obama the avowed Marxist Socialist, or Michelle Obama the real American-hater), the Rape Kit Fees (of which there is no proof whatsoever), the idea that she shouldn’t have had a kid at an older age (my mother had perfectly healthy twins at an even later age), and the kicker- the absolutely ridiculous theory that Trig was not her son, but her grandson (Liberals love science but apparently don’t care much about DNA when it becomes an inconvenient truth). Honestly, I have been physically sick to find that Americans could go to such lengths to personally hack down a yet-unknown political figure. Really, I understand that people might seriously disagree with her politics, but the personal hate is just unreal.

Recently, these claims have died down (maybe because they are all disproved), but there is a new one to take their place- “She sounds dumb.” (Which is usually followed by, “And we don’t need another dumb President after this one.”) So I ask people why they say this, and of course the response is “She doesn’t talk like an the rest of our educated politicians.” WHAT?!?! So let me get this straight: there are people out there who like (or perhaps even trust?) smooth-talking politicians??? Man, where the hell am I?

To all those who will not vote for McCain-Palin because you think that Sarah “is too normal to be one step away from the Presidency”, I say this:My (extended) Point: Since the Boston Tea Party, Americans have been fighting for the rights of the common man. From the first shot of the Revolution, we proved that we are willing to give our lives for these rights. For two hundred thirty-two years, Americans have both rallied and died constantly trying to increase suffrage, enhance representation, protect civil rights, ensure equal rights, and allow for the American Dream that even the common man can work hard and achieve success in a free society. In fact, this country is about government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” and who is more “the people” than the common man or woman? And for anyone to tell me that a candidate is unqualified because s/he sounds “too normal”, I will say to them that they are the true ignoramus because they have No Concept! of how this country works and what we stand for, how we have always been dedicated to the American Dream of the “normal” citizen, and how we have been Aching! since 1776 to oust the British, to shed the Federalists, to kill the bank, to rid us of the aristocracy and slaveocracy, to bust the trusts, and to tear down these walls! In fact, here is a picture of some of the people to whom I am alluding:

I challenge you to study what the United States has meant to the “normal” person, to discover what this country has done to give freedom to “normal” people in unprecedented manners, and then continue to argue that Governor Palin is “too normal” to be a national leader; even if you disagree with her politics, you won’t be able to make this particular claim against her ever again.

Personally, I believe that many of the smears against Palin are a result of jealousy; I really do. A common woman has done extraordinary things without pulling strings or committing fraud or making outlandish claims or doing any of the bad things that we normally associate with politicians. Hell, she didn’t even do it by playing the boys’ games like Hillary Clinton did. Sarah Palin is successful because she is herself, and not because she plays the games or walks the walk or talks the talk. Many people, I believe, resent that someone like Sarah, who has not done the typical politician jockeying, has achieved so much where they have not, in the same amount of time, starting from essentially the same life station. And while I am not God or even a psychologist, I can tell you one thing- the reason that Palin has made it from hockey mom to VP nominee ain’t because she talks dumb.

And what about that other VP nominee? Well, he’s so smart that he can’t even count to four.


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