The economy is the only issue that voters care about right now. It seems like a lifetime ago, but it was only fairly recently that McCain held a 10 point lead in one major poll. Now he trails by double digits in multiple polls, and it is thanks entirely to his complete mishandling of the economy. His decision to suspend his campaign against Obama and to campaign against the American People and taking over 800 billion of our hard earned money and simply giving it away, has been the worst decision of his career. The American People trusted John McCain on the economy, they gave him a big lead in the polls, and he betrayed that trust by giving away over 10 thousand dollars of real money from every household in America. He campaigned against the American People who hated this bailout, and he won, but the American People lost and now it seems they want to hand McCain the same loss he handed them. The only way McCain can win this election now is by convincing them that this was a one time error in judgement, and that he really can be trusted with our money. To that end, he must propose big, bold, and extremely popular economic proposals at the debate tonight. It seems he can’t think of these on his own, but now he doesn’t have to, because here they are, the economic proposals to fix the economy and win the election.

First, he should call for the elimination of the gas tax for one year. In the primaries McCain and Hillary both called for a gas tax holiday, one that was very popular among regular people, and even somewhat popular among Democrats. Instead of a brief holiday, this would be a year long tax break, so that during this recession the American People are able to get to where they need to be at a more reasonable price. Everyone who has to drive to work will love this proposal.

Second, Mccain should propose the elimination of the Capital Gains Tax for one year. This would do more than anything else to stimulate the economy, it would send a signal throughout the entire world that America is the place to put your money, we are the place to be during these troubled times. Obviously investors will love this, but all of America will love the unprecedented effect it will have on our economy.

Third, he should propose the elimination of all taxes on seniors taking their money out of IRAs and 401Ks for one year. I believe he called for a reduction in these taxes, and that can still be his long term plan, but in the short term that tax should go down to zero. Seniors have had their retirement savings HAMMERED in this brutal stock market environment, they don’t deserve to lose another penny to the tax man. This would be of enormous help to Seniors across America.

Finally, McCain must propose a bold and powerful change to the tax code itself. What better way to regain the trust of the American People, who WANT to trust John McCain but just can’t right now because of his bailout betrayal, than to call for the elimination of the agency they hate the most, the IRS? The Fair Tax is well known by Conservatives, who will be able to go on all the major TV and radio shows and explain the details to the American People so they can get behind this vastly superior tax system. Who doesn’t like the idea of keeping the money you earn?

McCain must eliminate all 30 second ads, all the attack ads, he must promote this four point economic plan with 60 and 120 second ads, in major speeches, and in web videos. It must be the focus of his campaign in every way. This is the economic plan that will convince the American People to trust him again on the economy, and win him the election.