A father, a son, and a husband, doing what he can to leave his descendants and his nation a richer, fuller American Dream than our ancestors enjoyed. When handed lemons, make lemonade. We fought the good fight, now we must take care of our own as the troubles deepen while reloading for 2014 and 2016.


    No Ruby in the Rough

    I am informed by a certain Senator’s spokespeople that American workers are unworthy of employment, and a means must be arranged to replace them. From Mickey Kaus at the Daily Caller, quoting a Rubio staffer: There’s a reason unemployed Americans are unemployed. They aren’t star performers. Screw ‘em. We’re bringing in workers from abroad! As recently as CPAC 2013, Rubio was riding high. He gave | Read More »

    Virginia’s Governor McDonnell Folding on Exchanges?

    Virginia’s Republican majority very unfortunately passed the budget busting ObamaCare Medicaid expansion (pushing 400,000 more Virginians into the single payer program), a state sales tax increase to help Virginians through the current hard times, and an expensive but unnecessary Dulles rail boondoggle when DC’s Metro rail service already extends to Reagan Airport. But now, to cap the GOP’s bold moves to re-establish themselves as the | Read More »

    Cuccinelli Closes Investigation of Moran Son

    The Washington Post’s Errin Haines reported February 1 that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will not charge Patrick Moran, son of Virginia Congressman Jim Moran, Democrat, in connection with voter fraud allegations. According to the story, in a flurry of finger pointing, Cuccinelli accused James O’Keefe, whose video was critical evidence in the case, of not cooperating. O’Keefe’s lawyer objected that police were provided with the | Read More »

    A Phoenix from the Ashes

    In the wake of the Tea Party’s failures in the 2012 election cycle, from Michele Bachmann’s premature candidacy to Herman Cain’s bold miscalculations with regard to the skeletons in his closet, to the GOP nomination of the unrepentant author of ObamneyCare, the catastrophe was not averted. Were we too cocky after 2010? Even the GOP House under Boehner has become a rubber stamp for new | Read More »