For those who may not live in Houston or never been to Houston or haven’t been to Houston in many years, you would find over the past 30 years it has changed. Now, it is not a change so drastic that you would notice if you hadn’t lived through it; but it has changed. The question is, with an amnesty bill most likely being passed this year; do you want this change coming to the entire country.

Houston, as of the 2010 census; is about 25% white, 23% black and 43% hispanic. Now, that doesn’t seem so bad. Houston is the closest major city to Mexico and has generally been considered a good place for jobs and cheap place to live, so you might expect that immigrants from the closest neighboring country would make a beeline for Houston, but that’s only part of the story.

From here:, you can see that Houston has gone through a dramatic demographic transformation since 1980.

In 30 years, it’s hispanic population has more than tripled(281,000 to 919,000), while the black population has only increased moderately(by 50,000) and the white population has decreased by nearly 300,000(834,000 to 537,000). Now, I know that hispanics are known for having more children than other ethnicity’s but 3 times ?

No, in fact; Karl Eschbach, a University of Texas Medical Branch demographer, said that the best possible estimate for the number of illegal aliens in the Houston area was about 400,000. So, we have to say that Houston has been changed because of illegal immigration.

So, with a little math; subtracting 400,000 illegals from the hispanic population of Houston and keeping the other populations the same just to make it easy as we know it is very likely that over 95% of that illegal estimate are hispanics, that would change Houston to 31% white, 28% black and 30% hispanic and I guarantee you Houston would look different, be better off financially, have lower crime rates and safer neighborhoods and  conservatives could actually be competitive for citywide offices.

Now, unless you lived in Houston through this; you probably would not notice; but the signs are there. The number of radio stations broadcasting rock and roll and pop music have declined while spanish stations dominate. Walk into any hospital and it is clear that the majority of patients are hispanic and if you go to some of the seedier parts of town, mexican gangs dominate.

And you guys that live in Houston might want to let those 400,000 illegals living amongst you sink in. Yes, most are not looking to cause you any harm; but 20% of the city you live in isn’t doing their “fair share” as some many national democrats like to say and is costing you in some form from higher school taxes, city taxes or just more traffic. Face it Houston, you have been punked by illegal immigration.

So, let’s put some dollar figures on this; as everything these days seems to be about the economy. It is estimated that each illegal alien costs it’s state about $1,000 yearly. So, with Houston having around 4000,000 illegals; Houston costs the state of Texas $400,000,000 yearly. Right, I hear you, 400 billion ?  Yes, it’s not that much as those illegals do contribute something back in sales taxes on things bought and do contribute to Houston by living in Houston, but if Houston had no illegal immigrants, those costs would be eliminated. Sure, there would still be some misuse of state funds by whomever took their places but no where anywhere near the extent of someone who isn’t held responsible to the same laws or wants to avoid them.

So, you might say; well that’s Houston; Mexico is next door; that’s to be expected. No, it’s the same everywhere.

All the way up in Minneapolis, it was roughly the same. From here:,

“In a 30-year (1980-2010) population analysis of North Minneapolis, the most striking statistics point to a decline in the overall population, with most of the decline coming in the past 10 years. Over the entire 30-year period, North’s population decline was about 5 percent. However, North experienced significant population growth (5 percent) from 1990 to 2000, and that growth was lost, and then some, because of a 10 percent decline from 2000 to 2010.

Also, in those 30 years, North’s ethnic makeup has changed. In 1980, North was 75 percent White, 16 percent Black, 2 percent Hispanic, 2 percent American Indian, 1 percent Asian, with the remainder of other races or two or more races. In 2010, North was 43 percent Black, 30 percent White, 13 percent Asian, 8 percent Hispanic, 1 percent American Indian, with the remainder of other races or two or more races. Population percentages in the accompanying tables might not appear to total 100, as the Census data notes that Hispanic people can be of any race.

The population decline in the most recent decade cut across all racial and ethnic groups measured, except Hispanics. North’s Hispanic population grew by 58 percent, from 2,977 in 2000 to 4,730 in 2010.

Now, there looks like a second amnesty coming this summer and there are estimates that another 10 million illegal immigrants will come in if passed and if that happens, you can bet that it will change America as many people viewed it under Reagan, most likely forever and sadly enough this will happen with the House under GOP leadership. Be sure to send John Boehner a note of thanks if anything more than border security passes.

Ironic isn’t it, given everything the right has been blaming president Obama on for destroying the country; it may be a republican putting in the final nail.