It seems the Nevis Range Ski Resort has record 59 straight days of snow this year and is considering staying open until summer.

They have gotten so mauch snow that they have some chairlifts that cannot be used because they are snowed under and are being dug out.

Some quotes from the article:

“The snow cover was described as “wall-to-wall”. Average snow depths are thought to be 1.6 metres on the lower slopes, 4.5 metres on the upper slopes, with some deep gully areas estimated as being over 18m (58 ft) deep. (More than 5 stories deep!)”

“The resort was not even able to operate all of its lifts at the weekend because some lifts are still buried under the unprecedented amounts of snow.”

“Our records show that it’s snowed in each 24 hour period since we opened for this winter season on December 20, 2013, so we’ve almost forgotten what it’s like not to have snow falling each day.


Pictures of snowed in chairlifts:(which typically are over 20 feet higher than the average base for snow, at least 3 feet)


If this is global warming/climate change, then Al Gore really did invent the internet.