California is looking just like its business model back in Washington… which is to say not well. We are unfortunately used to seeing governments big and small underestimate just about everything. We probably should scream like crazy about every item… but we can’t, not in the real day to day world. That’s why we hire politicians to represent us, who are supposed to look out for our interests and do the will of their voters.

It isn’t working that way, certainly here in California with our State Assembly, strongly left leaning and overrun by myriad special interests and environmental activism. Our politics are almost comical in ineptitude. Fresh from an environmental disaster that came very close to destroying the State’s Central San Joaquin Valley, our State government stood largely silent, as did the Governor, when the Feds shut off the water to the farmers citing damage to a 2″ junk fish.

The Assembly, ignoring the record unemployment figures plaguing the State, actually put forth a bill for a single payer health care for California. The bill was estimated to cost a total of as much as thirty billion dollars. This bill went bye-bye. But what was in the heads of the politicians who seriously put this bill forward at a time when most Californians are struggling to get along and many aren’t… getting along that is? It’s their responsibility… all of it.

Other than scope, the way the State is being run is very much like the way the nation is being run under Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, and that’s not very pretty either. California has ‘discovered’ that, along with the reported thirty billion dollar state budget deficit, we now have an ‘adjusted’ unfunded liability to the state’s various pension programs of three hundred and fifty billion dollars. How’s that for money management? We’re not in Obama’s class and we (no thanks to our State’s politicians) don’t have a thirteen trillion dollar black hole into which everything gets thrown, regardless of reason.

The accounting system for progressives, both in Sacramento and Washville, is measured in ‘feelgood‘ points, with which the liberal leftist salves his conscience of responsibility for virtually any act, constantly reminding all and sundry of his great good intentions, regardless of disastrous results using a model which has failed every time it has been tried.

The problem with governance is that it can’t work like that… not for long. But the other endearing quality liberals have is that of vociferously demanding money from others to fill perceived injustice, while being singularly unwilling to place their fortunes on the line… they love to spend your money.
The similarities between Sacramento and Washington are striking. The remedy remains the same.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010