Obama has a very unhappy country on his hands. No matter how the DeMarxists and their ancillary lame stream media spin up the economy, no matter how many times they refer to ‘the recovery‘ with all the earnestness of the committed zealot, the problem is that there’s no ‘there’ there.
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California Unemployment Rate (%). Source: Bureau Of Labor Statistics.

Everywhere, there are more and more lost jobs and word of more planned layoffs. California has just now hit 12.7% (that’s about 18% actual) and in certain areas it can be as high as 30%. This state is a Democrat created disaster. It’s a who’s who of what not to do with the economy of a state and its people. It’s a classic example of runaway governance and gross fiscal irresponsibility.

There are no droves of happy smiling construction workers busy on ’shovel ready’ projects, wisely parsing out the government’s largesse. There is only the wasted and missing billions of the stimulus that didn’t, seven hundred and eighty five billion dollars, most of which can’t even be accounted for. The waste in programs initiated by Obama and Congress has been monumental, as have been the failures.

The nation is much closer to the pulse of the economy than, say, two years ago. We had it good for a very long time in this country and to some degree we took it for granted. We used to have an average of around 5% unemployment in America. Much of Europe is chronically above 10%. The extreme taxes and anti-business policies in the European socialist countries have a depressing effect on business and commerce. I have a friend who lives in one of these countries who has told me that the welfare state where they live has families of several generations who have never had a job. The government over there knows full well that were all these people off the dole and out on the streets looking for work that doesn’t exist… well, there might be trouble. Better to shunt them off to the side under the opiate of social welfare.

We see indications of that here as the government extends unemployment payments time after time. It has proven to be a blessing for those out in the workforce who are unable to find work in a business environment that just is not hiring. Business America is holding its breath, waiting to see what Obama’s punitive policies are going to do to their bottom line. Some are evaluating whether to keep their businesses here or move them off-shore. Worse still, some small business people will find that they cannot continue in the current environment and will quit and move on. Other entrepreneurial minded people will choose not to invest in a punitive business environment. The cost of that could be huge… another Microsoft or perhaps a Hewlett Packard. That’s a huge tragedy for this economy and a huge loss for this country.

We have all the DeMarxist heavies out with the entire LSM trying the demonization route to discredit the Patriot Movement and tie us to the militias again. It’s the same ridiculous garbage that Bill Clinton and crew were throwing out back in the 90s just before the United States Government, under Billy Jeff and Janet Reno, barbecued eighty citizens at Waco, Texas.
Just so everybody out there realizes where the violence comes from….

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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