Resolved: No GOP women talk to Carol Costello

    Once you have power, use it.  After last night, GOP women have power.  And gravitas. I humbly submit that the GOP should make it known that, if Carol Costello’s producer comes a calling for an interview, no one’s gonna call back. Press conferences, interviews and all other GOP interactions with CNN—especially interactions by GOP female electees—should be declared “Carol Costello-free zones.” Make ‘em wince.   | Read More »

    Looking for examples of unions conducting political activities during work time

    Greetings, smagar here. In Tucson, we’re up to our elbows in last-minute politicking.  I’m in a situation where I need to show the local leftys examples of union members and other liberals conducting political activities at the work place or during work hours.  (I.e., politicking while you and I are paying them!) So far, I’m not having too much success on finding good examples in | Read More »

    TWE was the US decision to invade Iraq motivated by our concern for…Israel?

    Greetings, Redstaters…smagar here.  I have a question for the collective:  To what extent was the US decision to invade Iraq motivated by the existence of, and peril to, Israel?  Here’s why I’m asking that. About a week ago, National Review’s Jonah Goldberg tweeted that, while listening to the Diane Rehm show on NPR, he couldn’t help but notice the high levels of animosity towards Israel | Read More »

    Harry Reid’s Gift To All Of Us

    Harry Reid just elevated the Obamacare battle. If we play this right, he elevated it to his side’s detriment. From National Review’s article by their editors on Democrats’ killing the filibuster: The filibuster is not sacred writ, and we are on record supporting procedural changes to overcome partisan obstruction. The more serious concern here is that the Democrats are attempting to pack the courts, especially | Read More »

    A Convenient Headline Obscures Some Inconvenient Truths

    Have you seen this POLITICO piece? If you haven’t, read it. Since the Affordable Care Act was introduced in 2009, Republicans have dismissed President Barack Obama’s oft-repeated promise that anyone who liked their insurance plan would be able to keep it. But was anyone paying attention? For years, the media turned a blind eye to conservatives’ insistent warnings, often taking the president’s promise for granted. | Read More »

    What are the best online resources, that explain the GOP and conservative position on the shutdown?

    Greetings, all. Lots of coworkers and friends know that I’m a conservative who follows politics closely. Some have asked me to explain the GOP and conservative’s rationale for the shutdown/slimdown/insert preferred alternative name here. Most are willing to listen to the GOP/conservative side of the argument. I give it my best shot and try to explain it to them, with what I know—but I know | Read More »

    What are some examples of times when GOP presidents shirked their duty to execute the laws?

    Greetings Redstate nation. I see a strong argument developing for our side—President Obama’s willingness to casually ignore the Constitution, by not faithfully executing the laws. I expect that Dems and the media will try to blunt that argument, and sway low-information voters, by claiming that the GOP has done the same thing when it was in the White House. I’m sure they’ll cite a few | Read More »

    To what extent can we excerpt a newspaper article that’s behind a subscription firewall?

    I think we’ve all seen the WSJ article that tells the inside story of the House GOP’s dealings with the Obama White House on the fiscal cliff discussions. That article contains powerful stuff, that Americans need to see, about President Obama’s arrogant attitude. Key quote (but not the only good one): “You get nothing. I get that for free.” Wow. 800 billion dollars of our | Read More »

    Who wrote this?

    Someone presumably draws a paycheck at the FoxNews website to write stuff like this: Republican Rep. Peter King has officially announced he will step down as chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security. The New York congressman must resign because of party rules that limit committee chairmanships to six years, and King has already had a one-year extension that he is now finishing. He | Read More »

    Is the entitlement debt bomb really that deadly…

    I, like many of us, have been thinking about how to improve our message. One thing that struck me: millions of Americans apparently voted with little or no concern to our entitlement crisis. Voters aren’t stupid. I’m sure many, if not most, knew that a second Obama term and a Democratic Senate would lead to continued runaway spending. Yet they didn’t care. Why? Then, I | Read More »

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