To his credit, Biden has conscientiously worked to familiarize himself with the great questions of national policy. To her discredit, Palin has not.

With that one sentence (emphasis added), I submit that David Frum has just placed himself, and his judgement as a voice on national affairs, on record.

That phrase “he has just placed himself on record” comes from another time in American history—a time when a great American general noted that another, much less great general, had just put his judgement into question.

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The great general was Winfield Scott; the not-so-great one was George McClellan.

Shortly after taking command of the Army of the Potomac, McClellan issued an official report, claiming that the Confederates had over 100,000 troops near Washington. It was actually less than one-third that number.

Scott, thinking that McClellan was a bit of a fool, remarked that “General McClellan had just put himself on record” with his foolish statement.

David Frum has just claimed that Sarah Palin has not “conscientiously worked to familiarize herself with the great questions of national policy.”

Now, one might argue, she’s been a state governor, and only running for the White House (VP’s office) for less than two months.

But, Frum makes it a point to say she deserves “discredit.”

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