Nolte, the editor-in-chief of Breitbart’s Big Hollywood blog, is one of the harshest critics of Hollywood for its liberal bias.  One thing Nolte really dings Tinseltown for:  the cheap anti-conservative shots spread throughout TV and movie scripts.

You’re sitting there, watching a movie, having a good time losing youself in the story line and enjoying the characters when BAM!  Some character makes a cheap, uncalled-for comment about Bush or Dick Cheney or Rush Limbaugh.  You blink, you sit there for a moment in slightly-stunned surprise…and, all of a sudden, you find that some (if not all) of the good feelings you were having, were gone.

I just got a little of that in the premiere of the second season of “Glee.”  Did you catch it?

My wife and I love “Glee.”  My toddler son can’t get enough of the music.  Some nights, he won’t go to bed unless we play our DVD with McKinley High’s Sectionals championship-winning numbers at least twice.  I gave my wife tickets to a performance in “Glee’s’ upcoming tour.

I’m feeling a little less “Glee” right now.  Maybe it’s because my face is stinging a wee bit from the cheap shot slap in tonight’s episode.

Sue, the tyrranical cheerleading coach, was taunting two of her cheerleaders  Calling them dumb, she remarked on the difficulty of coaching dumb cheerleaders.  Then, Sue remarked quickly, almost in passing, that she had once coached a young Sarah Palin.

The message was clear:  Sarah Palin is dumb!

Why the cheap shot at Sarah Palin, Fox?  What, can’t we conservatives enjoy a TV program in peace?

John Nolte, you’re one wise cookie.