Greetings Redstate nation. I see a strong argument developing for our side—President Obama’s willingness to casually ignore the Constitution, by not faithfully executing the laws.

I expect that Dems and the media will try to blunt that argument, and sway low-information voters, by claiming that the GOP has done the same thing when it was in the White House. I’m sure they’ll cite a few examples that they claim prove their point.

In order to blunt THAT counter-“argument,” what are the most prominent examples of GOP presidents not aggressively enforcing laws that a Congress passed and a president signed? I’m going to Google the subject myself, but I could use all the help I can get.

IMO, if we know beforehand what examples the Dems/MSM will cite as “proof” that GOP presidents regularly ignore laws, we’ll find that (a) there are few if any examples of that and (b) those instances will pale in comparison to Obama delaying Obamacare until after the 2014 election.

Nevertheless, it will be easier to rebut the Dem/MSM counter-arguments if we’ve anticipated them in advance, and already pre-fisked them.

I’d appreciate any help y’all could provide. Strength and honor!