So, our esteemed (term used loosely) Speaker of the House is a big old liar-y liar-pants. And even though my new favorite three words are Pelosi Impeachment Hearings, the fact that she lied itself isn’t as upsetting to me as the reason for her lying.  That she lied; Not surprising, she is a politician and all. What IS surprising, to me, is the subject of her lies. Why lie about knowing about, and approving of, explicitly or implicitly, enhanced interrogation techniques? Why is that wrong? Even if you want to pander to your base and say that you disapprove of the techniques NOW (though I don’t quite understand that either), surely there is nothing wrong with admitting that you did know about said techniques and that you approved of their use…..right after September 11th. Good grief, woman! I’d respect you for that.

It isn’t limited to Pelosi either; I’ve been reading and listening to the drivel and honestly completely incomprehensible outrage from the Left on the whole release of the “torture” documents for weeks now. I say “torture” because enhanced interrogation is NOT torture and I’m tired of people trying to re-define things to suit their own agendas.  For instance, terrorism being called “man-caused disasters”.  First of all, that’s sexist!  Secondly, it’s inane….what are men behind the “disasters” called then?  Man-caused disaster causers?  It doesn’t even make sense and Barney Frank would NOT be able to say that 3 times fast.

I know I’m not the quickest on the uptake, but I honestly don’t get the outrage over the enhanced interrogation. I don’t even get the “arguments” attempting to support the outrage. Maybe it is above my “pay grade”, but I don’t think the people burnt to death in fireballs on September 11th would mind if a terrorist had a bug crawl up his arse. Offensive? Maybe……but you know what I find more offensive? People who care more about heinous murderers and their “rights” and dignity (are you kidding me? ) than the victims. Harsh? So is reality. President Obama and his fans should try living in it once in a while.

Try living in a world of practice, not theory. Try to get outside of your ivory towers once in a while. Then maybe, just maybe, you won’t wish to PROSECUTE the very people who have kept you alive. In case those on the Left, wringing your hands over enhanced interrogation techniques, are all 420’ers and forgot due to cannabis-induced short-term memory loss (and you might be; that could explain the lack of sense. Wait, sorry. That’s an insult to potheads), everyone was in an uproar after September 11th demanding to know why the Administration didn’t stop the WTC attacks from happening and why didn’t they glean any information before-hand.  Hello? That was due primarily to Pres Clinton and his “it’s a criminal investigation” stuff. (of course, not AS criminal as, say, a bunch of American people in Waco, Texas or a family trying to keep a little boy out of Cuba)

So, President Bush fixed that. The interrogations worked. They got information. They saved lives.

It is funny to me that it tends to be those who have no problem with abortion……on demand… any time, who are trying to preach to others about “morality”. When YOU are intellectually honest enough to at least admit that THAT is immoral, then maybe I’ll give you the courtesy of even listening to your arguments. Until then……not so much.

Do y’all believe that the terrorists are going to stop using nail bombs..on children…causing the most horrendous of painful deaths, that they will stop strapping bombs to their own children or decapitating journalists or stop seeking to, you know, attack Los Angeles (which attack the enhanced interrogations stopped, by the way) just because we question them nicely and send them off with some milk and cookies?

Using whatever we can to extract information from heinous murderers does NOT put us on their level……we are SAVING lives. They seek to destroy. Maybe I”m crazy, but to me scaring someone with a caterpillar (A CATERPILLAR. Come on, man, they are fuzzy and cute! They are one of the least icky bugs. Besides ladybugs. But I suppose ladybugs would be too offensive to terrorists, having a dirty woman name and all), or not letting them sleep or making them feel as if they are drowning in order to get information to prevent the deaths of another 3,000 Americans is A-OK with me.

How can one even pretend it is on the same level? Even to further your hate-campaign against George W. Bush and Dick Cheney (by the way, a clue: They are no longer in charge) . I suppose I should stop worrying about my child being protected from terrorists and worry more that she is shielded from icky caterpillars or from being dunked at the town pool.

Further, how do you justify the release of the information? Now they know exactly what our men and women can and can’t do. Do you not realize this AIDS the terrorists? That it makes it easier for them to attack us again? And, in case you don’t realize this in your puppy and rainbows hazes…by attack, I mean try to KILL us.

That Nancy Pelosi is choosing to lie in order to perpetuate a myth of “feel-goodiness” rather than tell the truth and say Darn Right, I approved of it and that anyone would seek to punish the men and women who have been protecting us and saving us from further acts of destruction is unfathomable to me. I didn’t think I could get more disappointed by people. I was wrong.