Although this is the first time I have had the opportunity to visit this website. One of the things that I have discovered is that despite what political party or affiliation you may belong to. One thing that does unite all of us as a whole is our love for our country and our way of life. It doesnt matter if your black or white, Democratic or Republican. This election has caused so many people to reach across the aisle so to speak for one common cause. To send Barack Obama back to Chicago on the first thing smokin. But in order to do that, in order to succeed, we have to be on the same sheet of music. After reading a diary posted here, I wanted to share a letter that I sent in a email to those wonderful people out there in the MSM who deem it necessary to have the audacity to believe we will remain silent and allow Obama to make his way into 1600 Penn Ave. I wrote and emailed it after listening to the motivational words of Senator McCain during a live stump speech because his message was very clear. Fight:

“Fear is a thief in the night that steals your hope. Hopelessness is an enemy that kills your will. I’ve been there once and I will not let them in again. “I’m and American and I choose to fight.” -Senator John McCain

No Better words have been spoken than the ones that rallies the American people to a cause. Words of strength throughout our nations history has been known to unite during the darkest of times, and even the best of times. They will lift you up, motivate you and remind you, that this country is worth fighting for even when you feel like giving up. Theodore Roosevelt stated “Patriotism means to stand by your country. It does not mean to stand behind the president or any other public official”. There is no greater disservice that can be given to the hardworking citizens of our great nation, than attempt to silence, have there rights taken away or dictated by a supporter, paid blogger, political party or those within the MSM. There is no greater disservice to the American people than to attempt to label them racist because they used there god given right of choice. We don’t stand behind a candidate based on the color of there skin and we don’t stand behind a candidate because of the color of there skin. We stand behind our country. That is why we ignore every comment, remark, telling us to stand down and fall in. We should always and I mean always side with choosing country before political party, truth before lies and the people over the words of any commentator or pundit even if our choices have us standing alone. )

We don’t need the backing of the majority to do whats right. As long as you know whats important you will never go wrong. Sometimes the best choice may be a choice or decision that you do not want to make at all. But it is necessary. There will be times when what you may want ,will not be what you get. And what others in the Democratic majority may personally feel, is not best for what our nation and its people, may need. Sometimes the right choice, is the one that is hardest to make. Nothing in life is easy, and not everything will be handed to you. Sometimes you may just have to dig down deep and work for it. Nothing in life comes freely. What we all love the most about our country is that here, anyone can have the chance to live out the American dream, they can be whatever they want to be, and choose whatever path they want to take.

We have all earned it. You have earned it. I HAVE earned it. And I will always continue to push forward and fight, each and every day. When I make the transition with pre determined medical issues into the civilian world, I want to ensure I have every avenue available to me. Every opportunity for success and every chance to have a portion, no matter how small, of the American Dream. I found my way, chose my path and found my voice. I am one of many. “Quiting” is not a word I understand. “Giving up” is not a option I will choose. And remaining silent will never happen. I will not and cannot take steps back. Now, is about moving forward. It is essential, we, as a whole, and united, do what is right, no matter how many people will tell you that its wrong. We only have one chance to make to make the right decision and the best choice. The ability to choose or your right of choice, does not come color coded. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, man or woman, rich or poor. Democrat or Republican. We all are entitled to make our own decisions based on our own judgment.

The first mistake made was not paying attention to the writing on the wall. Because if you did, you would know that there is a movement underway and its moving fast and it is moving strong. It was born from watching the best candidate for president get destroyed daily by her own party, the Obama campaign and those in the MSM. It was born from knowing that somewhere, there are little girls with big dreams who could one day become the next Commander in Chief. It came from the mothers who can barely make ends meet and do without just so their families can barely get by. It’s from the blue collar workers who just lost their jobs and are tired of empty rhetoric and false promises by candidates whose issues change from day to day. It was born from the heroes and sheroes deploying to the same place year after year with no end in sight. It came from the ones who want to give up, but find a way to keep on going. It started from the ones who have been constantly knocked down, but keep getting back on their feet. It came from those moving forward that never look back.

We all have a dream of change. A change that will put our nation back on the right path. Where putting the safety of our country is the first and foremost priority. Where people would stand up and fight for what they believe in. Where cries of racism is not the way nor the means to achieve a goal. Where the media reports the news instead of their biased opinion. Where it’s OK to vote on who is best to lead our country based on a candidate’s experience.

This election is historic for many reasons. But as of right now, there are so many people who will no longer be affiliated with any group or group(s), person or person(s), that would allow a political party to play the race card every time something does not happen or go there way. There are so many people who will not stand by silently as they watch people falsely accused of allegations that bears no relevance or has no relationship to the situation at hand. There are so many people who will not be part of a political party that utilizes character assassination to achieve a goal. There are so many people who will look the other way as a woman, despite party affiliation, get attacked daily by those in the MSM. We will not quietly sit by and watch the destruction of our country. We will not support, vote, or show any loyalty to those who sit quietly aside and allow this to be played out in the court of public opinion. The political party we once knew, is a political party that exists no longer.

As for me? I choose to stand behind those who understand and represents all the fundamental values our country was founded on. I will no longer listen, allow, or justify language or the actions made by anyone no matter what party they belong to if there intent is to cast any phrases negatively with racial connotation, with the intent to cause racial divide as a means to gain the upper hand. In plain terms for better understanding? If you want Senator Barack Obama to win in November, you might want to log off your computer and go out and put your feet to the pavement and fight for it. There will be NO blank checks written in November.”

The point that I would like to make is that they are using the exact same thing they used against us Clinton supporters in the primary. Bogus inflated polls, the MSM giving the impression that the election is already over. And when that failed they would bring out the huge crowds to show that the “people” already decided. When nine times out of ten there probably was a concert somewhere in the vicinity. It’s a allusion. One in which I for one pay zero attention to. It doesn’t stop me from making calls or knocking on doors on the weekend. If it was a done deal they would not have to jump through hoops to give the impression everything is over and done with.

Senator McCain and Gov Palin will win in November. They can bring out every single inflated poll they want but PLEASE do not give up and think its over! We are working so hard to get those two into the White House but we need each and every person. “The Palin Effect” is REAL and it is one that has my former party shaking on there one leg unity pony.