The democrats are behaving as if the American people do not understand what is in there health insurance, or for that matter what the government is doing. The idea that passing the bill will give the American people the opportunity to see what they get and like it, but that they don’t need to know more than that now is driving Nancy, Harry and The President.

It is a logical conclusion, that people will never understand what they are getting so why trouble them with details. The problem is Nancy, Harry & The President missed an important point. It reminds me of a poster of a smiling Richard Nixon holding the peace and victory symbols over his head. And under it was the caption WOULD YOU BUY A USED CAR FROM THIS MAN?

People don’t understand what is in their insurance. Which is why Allstate has the model you are in good hands. You don’t buy on price alone, saving money is good, but that is why Geico reminds everyone that to stay in business for 80 years they must have done something right.

The American people by and large have bought cars, even used cars. They have bought or at least selected a health insurance plan from among several competitors. The more likely a person is to be older, and therefore likely to vote the more likely they bought something based on promises or price that turned out to have been a mistake.

Generally speaking, a majority of the people in this country voted for Obama but now they realize he isn’t delivering what he promised. That an open corrupt free legislative process is never going to happen.

And so without any details on the bill the only thing anyone can judge the bill on is the reliability of the “company that is selling it”.

So what do we see. We see Nancy Pelosi wheeling and dealing to get enough votes to have her way.

Would you buy a used car or insurance from a salesman that will say anything or do anything just to make the sale? (remember we have not seen the product, only her description of the item)

What is an insurance company really? It is an organization that stands up and says if you pay me for the next decade or two, when you need me I will do exactly what I say on paper. But Congress is willing to bend any rule, make up new ones or simply ignore the rules entirely to get around doing something that doesn’t meet there objective.

Would you buy a used car or insurance from a company that is willing to violate it’s own rules, ignore the laws or use lawyers to parse words to avoid the intent of the law to get their way?

Everything else aside. Geico and Allstate pride themselves on establishing a reputation of being reliable, dependable and consistent over generations. This congress and the President wants to be transformational. They have no track record beyond two years ago. They are willing loose control in order to make this change. But there are two problems. A decade from now, the congress will be different, no matter who runs it.

Would you pay into an insurance plan for years when you have no idea of who might be in charge when the time comes for you collect?

It is take an awful lot of shenanigans to even get a product together. Every year they are going to have to fund it. Right now if you question the stability of the company you have your policy with, you can change companies. What happens when Congress controls what you can change. Do you need an act of congress to get service? Congress runs Medicare. It is bankrupt and they are not fixing it. In fact they are raiding it to pay for this new insurance.

Would you buy a used car or insurance from a company that running a bankrupt insurance plan and raiding it to fund the plan they are selling you?

Congress runs Social Security. That have comingled the Social Security and general revenue funds Since they are spending more than they take in that means these comingled funds have been spent. If this was an insurance company everyone in management would be on trial for misappropriation of the funds. No, they would be in jail.

Would you buy a used car or insurance from a company that would be facing jail time for stealing from their customers.

No matter what side you are on. For or against Health Care Reform, insurance reform, or what ever it is today, you have life experiences. It is my experience that liberals even more than conservatives are very picky about who they do choose for doing business . Reputation matters. Unfortunately the reputation of this congress isn’t so good. The reputation of ANY Congress in recent memory isn;t so good. And even if it was, congress will change. So in general, as a insurance company, Washington just doesn’t have a good reputation. As soon as you trust them they do something stupid that ends up in a big fiscal disaster.


Would you buy a used car or insurance from Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed or the President

Solvo Reor

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