The Arizona laws that make it a crime to be undocumented is a threat to Obama and his supporters. But not because it will infringe on civil rights. Obamacare, Cap & Trade, Financial Regulation reform, and a whole host of ideas the fringe elements in control of the Democrat party are putting forth all infringe on civil liberties. Big time! At the rate they are going the only people in this country with any liberty left will be undocumented workers that don’t pay taxes and don’t own property. Everyone else will be a serf to the manor house at 1600 Washington Ave.

So why is he scared
Because the solution that Arizona implemented works. And the rest of the country realizes that you don’t need the federal government to fix big problems with local impact. A combination of changing technology, and a disillusionment with the federal activist political paradigm that has driven politics for the last half century. The truth is, the solution to the most important issues facing Americans today can be dealt with locally.

Scalable Local Activist Paradigm, the future of politics.
In simple terms, it means the right solution comes from the smallest government entity that can that is large enough to deliver a solution and small enough to build a consensus of direct beneficiaries. And the Arizona criminalization of undocumented aliens is an easily understood example. The benefits are extended directly to the legal residents and citizens of Arizona. The consensus is that since the federal government hasn’t effectively provided a solution for the citizens, the citizens would take measures to provide the solutions for themselves. They don’t need the federal government to solve this problem. If America is still the land of liberty, that should be celebrated, not denigrated.

If the states, or counties or even local governments can form a consensus for action that provides direct benefits to the people who have to pay for the solution, and can afford to implement that solution, who needs the federal government? That scares the Obama Administration for the simple reason that on domestic issues it makes Obama irrelevant.

The Arizona criminalization of undocumented aliens is a perfect, easily understood example of how the future government of the United States of America will work. At least as long as a Scalable Local Activism paradigm is embraced by the majority of citizens, and the local entities do not abuse the power they have been granted by their voters. Hopefully, the Republicans will get it. What citizens want is a smaller, less intrusive, less expensive government seriously constrained and seriously downsized.

It isn’t even about the amount of taxes, it is about who is collecting the taxes and who is spending the money. The closer the money stays to the hand of the tax payer, the smaller the number of payoffs, bribes, deals and earmarks there are to dilute funds and reduce the effect on the problems the tax was collected to resolve.

What it is about is power, and S.L.A.P political action is a threat to the fusion that Obama envisions.
Obama and the extremist Democrats who have patiently waited to impose system of federal control that would create velvet chains to enslave everyone to ideals benefit only the powerful and elite political class. This threat scares them. Because all we have to do to end this tyranny is return to the roots and meaning of our great country’s name . Not the Kingdom of America, not the Consolidated Nation of America, not the protectorate of America, and not Obama’s Federal Union of America. We return to being the United States of America. Free, independent, interrelated, and united for the common cause. The USA.


Solvo Reor

Wake up Tommy,  break the mirror ~ Vote Republican (h/t The Who)

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