There doesn’t appear to be a logical explanation for President Obama’s position. The economy is moving in the right direction? Really. He had to burn up enough carbon offsets to make a thousand families rich to fly to Racine and state “the economy is moving in the right direction”.  This is the comments of someone really disconnected from reality.

Which brings me to the dots. Physicians at the National Naval Medical Center had made a statement that some people interpreted as meaning the President drank too much. I am an unwilling expert in the observation of the effects of alcohol on the behavior of seeming functional individuals. Of course, the media “corrected the misinterpretation” indicating that the president should continue his moderate use of alcohol. Please, cut me a break, only drunks would believe the doctors recommend he drink.  But there are other indicators. What kind of person wakes up one day, declares the debt unsustainable then goes off and quadruples it. (Think drunken sailors). I can’t prove he has a problem but it is time to bring up the other dot. In his autobiography he claims to have used drugs to deal with the pressures when he was growing up. Not occasionally, but quite regularly. So we have an admitted drug abuser that relied on chemical fortification to deal with the stress of being young. But somewhere along the line he developed the additional fortitude to handle the pressure of Commander in Chief of the most powerful military in the world, one engaged in a war going badly, and finds no need for fortitude fortification when he issues orders that result in a predator strike that kills everything in a 1000 yd radius, man, woman child or animal. No pressure in that. No pressure in having the glorfied UN looking at declaring it an act of terror.  But I digress.

Lets look at some of the other anomalies. Like his relationship with the traveling press corp, or more precisely his willingness to dodge the people he invites along to present his points of view. Odd, behavior that, for anyone without something to hide (like a snoot full or hangover). And escapism. Sure I am thinking of all the golf outings but there is more than that. Our most wonderful leader (hail the leader) has the most powerful venue in the world, the White House, from which to manipulate the press. So what does he do, he flies to meaningless locations to offer meaningless photo ops to read ludicrous speeches that only someone unable or unwilling to cope with reality could believe. Of course, drunks do believe everything they say.  So what is important about the getting away? Well it means that the President has plenty of time to be in a controlled environment where no one except a privileged and trusted few can see the real Obama. The one that has to stand up there and read that garbage, and that takes courage. We know he has admitted that he used to get his courage from something he inhales, swallows or otherwise ingests. One of the most important lessons I have learned about how highly functional alcoholics operate is that they come up with excuses to separate from normal behavior, and of course, when they go to far they find ways of avoiding the probing of inquisitive eyes.

His behavior isn’t odd to someone with first hand knowledge observing a highly functional drunk. It is very revealing. It explains his ludricous beliefs, his ability to make other people believe he is really committed because he is until he sobers up. It explains his odd disappearnces and his constant travel and venue choices. It explains his need to get away for time to clear his mind, which seems to happen often and regularily. And it explains why he can do stupid things (bowing to a king) and think he is making things better, in the fantasy world that is inside the bottle, anything is possible. Hope is everywhere and change is only one drink away. Why it even explains the most important legacy of the Obama administration, the insistance that it is someone elses fault. That is the infrastructure that makes alcoholism function. The fact that to any drunk everything is always someone elses fault. And the drunk is sacrificing their life to carry the burden someone else put on them. In the sober light of reality when the things they are doing aren’t working, the booze reminds them that it isn’t their fault.  It gives them the courage to continue headlong down the course they have chosen against all odds, against all criticism. They carry the burden that only they can see, down a path that only they can navigate, towards a solution that exists only in their perfect world the booze allows them to envision. It just isn’t real.

Of course, if you think that it could never be, that the media would hound it right out of him keep two things in mind (more dots). No one ever published the fact that Roosevelt was a cripple, but the media knew and even conspired to delude the public. The media loved Franklin.  The second thing, his handlers aren’t stupid. Obama never goes to the press and says I am tired, i am taking off and sending you on a wild goose chase.   His handlers do. And the press loves Barack.

So, you think what you want, he is a genius, an idiot, an idealogue or a tyrant. He is the President, and we must respect the office even if we don’t like the man. I personally am thankful he is what he is.  If he didn’t behave like a drunk, he would be dangerous to our freedoms. Fortunately he appears to be chemically disconnected from reality and ability.  Check please.