As a youngster growing up in the Delaware Valley in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s I had a unique exposure to the language of segregationists, because my mother’s family was from the Tide Water area of Virginia, and her roots went back several generations.  So visits to the family helped me to recognize the forces at work for and against segregation. What I learned was that with the exception of a few idiots, most of the people were not racists, they were survivors. In a world dominated by a few vocal advocates you kept your mouth shut.  Your job, your ability to associate freely, the safety of your children depended on not rocking the boat. It wasn’t that people would shun you because they thought you were anti-segregationist, but that they would avoid being associated with you to protect themselves from what we now call collateral damage.

There were some very distinct language constructs usually associated around “everyone knows” and “those people”. It seemed rare, except in the case of an overt bigot that anyone would name “those people”. The N word was something I never heard used.  But in the case of racist bigots, people willing to incite violence against there own people that didn’t agree with their hatred, racist bigots get right to the point. They talk about what those damn “such people” are doing and how we should band together to fight them, and anyone of our own that is willing to tolerate them. Of course, these statements where filled with lies and exaggerations intended to agitate the audience and intimidate dissenters.   Let me give you an example of the kind of language used by fiery racists bigots.

Tea Party members have used “racial epithets,” have verbally abused black members of Congress and threatened them, and protestors have engaged in “explicitly racist behavior” and “displayed signs and posters intended to degrade people of color generally and President Barack Obama specifically,” according to the proposed resolution.
~ First Lady Michelle Obama addressing the NAACP

That statement is racist, and taken right out of the segregationists play book. Racism by a black person is still racism. The language of segregation doesn’t change simply because the racists changes his letters to “T” instead of “N”. This is segregationist talk. The purpose of segregation was to divide and conquer. It was strictly about power. The few idiots that were the force behind segregation sounded just like this, inciting violence against the other people and making sure that the team stayed the line and that dissenters were intimidated.

So what is this progress that Michelle’s America has made that the tea party would have us “undo”.

One Nation – Under tyranny with liberty and justice for only a select few, those with enough money to garner friendship with Barrack

One Nation – Under tranny of a the nanny state with freedom and justice defined by Barrack and an army of Czars who impose there will on everyone today

One Nation – Under scrutiny of the banking czar, network czar, health czar, activity czar, speach czar, spending czar, tax czar.

One Nation under the Obamas with liberty and justice for sale, at the right price (can I sell you a few seats at our next fund raiser)

One Nation – E-unum out of domination not plurality.

We are not one nation, of one mind, of one idea, of one ruler to be bludgeoned into submission with racist slurs and threats of violence. And bringing on the masses in a uniformed demonstration of unity “Nuremberg” style to threaten those that stand up for individual freedom does not make what Michelle is doing right. Intolerance is intolerance and leads to the worst kinds of of abuses of power.

One Nation – under tyranny, with tolerance for none who dissent. .

One Nation – under tyranny is what Michele promises.

Before Michelle casts a stone of intolerance at others, she should look closely at her self. Maybe it is time that the first lady begin to demonstrate tolerance personally. One thing is certain She is no Eleanor Roosevelt, she is no example of a better way, in fact she is quite the opposite.