There is no budget. The Democrats who controlled congress wrote laws that never had broad based consent. They passed these laws in nefarious ways, using a combination of strong arm tactics, out right bribes and middle of the night shenanigans. They are immensely unpopular and expensive.

But the Democrats, being ever immature and irrational never passed a budget. A continuing resolution is coming up soon. If John Boehner and company can’t cut 200 billion dollars out of that continuing resolution then they don’t deserve to be in office.

We sent young republicans to congress to give the legacy spendthrift Republican leadership a chance to prove they learned their lesson. We were mad at them for the spending levels of 2005, and all they are doing is continueing with there goals of being uncontroversial Democrat-lite.

Cut spending now!

Some people are concerned about what is happening in the middle east. Oil prices are rising. Our supply lines across the pacific and through the gulf of Suez are in jeopardy. What can we do about this you ask. Well, since we are talking about cutting spending, cut the EPA. Bring in Salazar and hold him under a bright light of congressional hearings until you squeeze drilling, mining and processing permits out of EPA, he quits or just eliminate the department entirely. Two Hundred Dollar a barrel oil is a much bigger problem if we are only buying it and not selling it as well. In fact, if we have full production we could make it much harder for OPEC to demand those prices.

Bring in Eric Holder and pin him under the bright light of congressional investigation until he stops squandering money on lawsuits aimed at terrorizing the states. Replace him with someone who will go after the illegal invaders, and stop wasting tax payer money treating foreign national terrorists like US citizens.

President Obama stood straight faced in front of the cameras and called on the Egyptian government to respect the will of the people to be governed by consent. Too bad he doesn’t feel that he should extend the American people the same respect. We do not want ObamaCare. End it now.

The ideas is to get the story straight, here is what you need to know.
Democrats like to blame everyone else, but the whole time they have had their hand out for money from Wall Street and Madison Avenue. They cozy up to the biggest special interests groups including state and federal employee unions, teachers unions, and illegal aliens. When they gained full control they went on a two year binge rewarding the special interests with give aways, money and special interest friendly legislation. They were so drunk on their power they didn’t even bother to put together a budget. They just spent, and spent and spent.

America can’t go on like this, and it is time we made hard choices. We can’t spend 50% more than we take in anymore. Since the Democrats couldn’t or were too immature to figure out how they were going to pay for this, Republicans have to be the grown ups and write the budget for the last irresponsible Democrat controlled congress. Things have to change now, not two years from now, and the Repoublicans are going to bring about Change America Wants.