Presidents Obama’s declaration to the end of the war in Iraq carries some interesting baggage. First, he decided we were not in a war, so claiming victory and an end to the hostilities seems at best hypocritical. Second, there is the small problem about defeating the enemy. Of course, Barrack Hussein Obama doesn’t believe that imperialist Islamists are an enemy or at least he seems to act that way. After Iran snubbed him (literally rubbing his boyish face in feces) Obama the optimist declared that his good intentions are the most important achievement in America’s long history. So he applied that logic and declared it was time to bring everyone home from Iraq. Clearly that is the crowning achievement of stupidity in a long and growing reign of stupidity.  Naive, idealistic and optimistic President Obama believes that the goal of “Good Intentions” is the ultimate expression of success. The latest failure to succeed celebrated with pomp and circumstance (with liberal doses of propaganda) is the victory in Iraq. Add that to the failed stimulus that stimulated nothing but the government spending, and with little or not positive effect on unemployment, along with the health care reform that raised the costs of health care and are clearly not the kind of changes America wanted, and the explosive growth of regulators, bureaucracies, government expenses, spending etc., all fulfilling the ultimate goal of expressing the best of intentions and we can see why America’s obsession with liberalism is a mental disease.

I am curious how Obama will manage to spin the dangerous situation in Iraq. If the country falls, and according to media reports the government is near toppling, the firestorm that sweeps across the middle east and the world will be laid squarely at Obama’s feet. He can blame no one but himself for this. The 20th century began in violence and decades of world war followed on little more than the foolishness this President has demonstrated. The root cause of those conflicts has not changed,  diminished or disappeared. Yet in his naive and childish enthusiasm he has declared that the war has been won. Unfortunately in Arabic what he really said is “have at it guys, my attention deficit prevents me from focusing on reality”.

Maybe the reason the feds don’t enforce marijuana laws is because our great leader is stressed, and we all know what he did to handle stress in the past.  The slacker president. Hey man, I can’t think about Iraq right now, too bummer man, you know? Don’t we have a fund raiser I can attend somewhere?