I remember the 1950’s

I remember that if you wanted a job, a hard working or skilled individual with at least  eight grade education only had to ride the trolly down the industrial highway from the steel mills that employed tens of thousands, past the machine shops, fabrications shops, ship yards, warehouses, that employed scores to hundreds down past the garment district, the food distribution center, past the ship building plants that employed tens of thousands, on out past the locomotive plant and  the airplane manufacturer who employed thousands, past the refineries and the chemical manufactures that employed thousands and thousands of workers on down to the Auto Plants that employed tens of thousands in the plant, and many more tens of thousands in the retail and business to business distributors, service providers and contractors.

It was hard not to find a job.

It was hard not to see people advancing, doing better. Immigrants were still coming to the area, there was racial tension sure, but every ethnic group was advancing. The prosperity lead ultimately to the freedom marchers of the sixties.

In the fifties we built our cars, our electronics, our steel and process goods. We grew and packaged our own food. We believed in a future that was brighter, safer, healthier and we were working toward that shining new world.  A world were Dick Tracy like wrist watches would free us from the tether of the telephone wire and rotary dial. We looked forward to the business advances that would let us exchange contracts and documents over long distances and communicate our messages in real time. We marveled at the new television and dreamed of one day seeing it in color. Maybe even exchanging face to face conversations some day.

We still looked at the moon and dreamed of one day going there. In short we were working for a great tomorrow. One where miracles of modern medicine far exceeded the Salk vaccine that was the break through of the decade.

But mostly we worked, we made things, we did things. And it was the result of that WORK,  not government,  that we enjoy so many marvels of science today.

Now that this great future is upon us, we have given up any hope of making new things, building  new things, of creating an even better future or controlling our own destiny. Now it seems all we are supposed to want is a cut of the pie created by some body else, and to sit back, meekly,  and watch some other nation define the future.

Except, outside the beltway in fly over America, in the corridor up and down the east coast anywhere more than 60 miles from Washngton D.C.  or not in California, we think that is stupid.

Lets get back to work. If Romney Ryan is going to take me back to a time when we made things, drilled things, refined things, and enjoyed prosperity, then I say Do It!

Romney ~ Ryan    Restoring Prosperity