Being old enough to remember the news and views of the world in 1963 provides a different perspective on our beloved progressive president and his foolish if not completely stupid foreign policy. President Obama is the worst president since LBJ, and the most incompetent since Jummy Carter, combined. And that is a bad combination. Carter meant well, Johnson was a powerful leader. Obama is neither a powerful leader or well meaning.

Not since the nightly news reports where Johnson told the world he was increasing troups by 20,000 has a president lied as much about what he was actually doing and what it would cost the country. Not since Jimmy Carter has a president been so blinded by their own beliefs system to be unable to absorb the reality of foreign actions. Carter was blind, as in blind faith where as Obama is just blind as in doesn’t look, doesn’t care, can’t see and won’t listen to anyone he considers not as smart as himself. Which includes everyone except himself.

The world is on fire, we are looking at a situation not far from the August in 1914 where war is about to break out, sides will align and violence will begin that continues for decades if not the rest of this century. Not so different than the great war that started a little less than 100 years ago. But the incidents of this last year remind me of the assassination of  President Diem. What started as an advisory role soon sucked American military into a decade long struggle. Oh, we could be on a different side this time, actually we are supporting the people that want to over throw America, but the news cycles, the blind press, the violent anti-Americanism the decades long on going war, the bombing (though carried out by drones) reminds me all too much of that period in the early 196o’s. Sure, Russia’s expansionism and degrading democracy, China’s aggression, all contribute to the overall feeling. But it is the Arab focus that is the brightest light. Before the fall of the Ottomans,  Jerusalem has been the possession of a Muslim Caliph since 638 AD , with the exception of the 88 years after 1099 when it was a Christian kingdom. It is hard to ignore more than 1400 years of history.

It is this 1400 year history of resurgence of Islamic Imperialism that provided an undercurrent of events in the 1960’s and was the back drop for so much anti-American feelings. Now it feels like the 1960’s again. The danger of traveling with a world set ablaze by Arab imperialist desires (often incorrectly identified as Arab nationalism) is a world were it is unsafe to travel, a world of opposing sides, and a  world where large nations maneuver against each other for influence

If this is Obama’s idea for “fundamentally changing America” then he is a fool. Whatever he thought to gain out of this action of undermining the USA will  not bring peace or freedom to Africa. It won’t change Europe. It will simply remove any barriers to Arab Imperialist accession and no one that believes in freedom and equality or is against bigotry and prejudice can be happy that Sharia will grow and impose it’s justice on ever greater numbers of people through out the world.