A successful Military conflict, American style, involves a wide range of tactics. Interdiction strikes help achieve success by undermining the ability for the enemy to respond, damaging resources and transport systems or diverting resources needed elsewhere.

Romney/Ryan has a great opportunity to achieve success and a key factor in that political contest would be a 50 state assault on the Obama machine. We know that the Obama political machine is based on divisiveness and deception. In the cities and regions Obama controls “what everybody knows” can be challenged. Should be challenged. Must be challenged, and this past week Romney took a big step in that direction. He came to the union league in Philadelphia and campaigned in the Delaware valley region.

“Everyone knows” that the Delaware valley will turn out for Obama. Dominated by Philadelphia Pennsylvania the Democrats are running adds that are pure lies. Because they don’t think anyone will challenge them here. And they want to keep the drum beat of “what everyone knows” sounding deep in safe territory. But here is the truth.

Obama’s attempts to save the auto industry included decimating the auto manufacturing industry in the region. Philadelphia, Delaware county Pennsylvania and New Castle county Delaware are all linking through industry. Ever expanding rings of industries, sub assembly manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, machines shops, distribution businesses, services providers, maintenence businesses, suppliers, and plethora of retailers who support the people who supported the jobs that made that parts that delivered the assemblies that kept the lines running in the Chrysler and Saturn plants so the cars could be made, all of these businesses and their employees and the families that depended on that income took a direct hit. Obama reduced the standard of living in the Delaware valley from Philadelphia to Wilmington and everywhere in between or around. Just closing those car plants alone did that. And Obama is bragging about saving the car industry. But not in the Philadelphia region. And the worst insult is that his Vice President is from New Castle County where these two factories were located.

But that is old news, though a good ad campaign to remind people of that wouldn’t hurt. There is new information that is just as important. The Osprey has been the savior of manufacturing in the Delaware valley for decades. Good bad or indifferent, and from what I here the Marines like it, the Osprey has been saved by successive congresses if for no other reason than to keep Boeing manufacturing alive in the Delaware Valley. Obama killed that. There isn’t much left there with Osprey gone when we see the the end of Helocopter refurbishing Boeing like every other major industry that provided good paying craft union jobs will probably exit the region.

Part of the reason is that the Obama administration wants to see energy prices rise to “encourage conservation” and of course, he believes in global warming. So, the Delaware valley, dependent on a Chicago based energy conglomerate for power has seen the closing of the last two coal generating plants in the region. The region is dotted with silent towers witness to the once powerful and cheap energy that coal provides, and of course the millions of jobs that depended on or supplied that energy. And few people had any idea that the biggest, cleanest and best of these plants, a super heated generator operated right there next to Boeing. But those jobs are gone now too. A quick drive down industrial highway from the Philadelphia Naval ship yard to Wilmington and beyond garners views of empty parking lots where hundreds of thousands of cars were parked and millions of people worked. All the high end craft union jobs, Non-union crafts, semi-skilled and unskilled laborers who once received good pay, good benefits and stable employment will never see that future again under the Obama vision for America. Obama didn’t close all these factories, but his policies are designed to make sure these type of jobs never return.

The History of the Delaware valley (Philadelphia, Ridley Park, Essington, Wilmington, and places like Paulsboro, Swedesboro, and Deep Water in New Jersey as well) is steeped in skilled hands of hard working craft union, craftsman, skilled workers and semi-skilled laborers. Obama’s vision for America doesn’t leave room for people who work up a sweat while fabricating, making or building something for a living. And that is a shame, because Philadelphia was a leader in providing good paying jobs to all people regardless of race, religion or national origin. The same people who fought and won against prejudice long before civil rights era are the people most hurt by Obama’s ivory tower vision of an America with out grit.

The Romney campaign can strike a blow to the Obama machine. Obama is out to destroy the very basis of advancement that the working man (and women) of the region depended upon, offering a vision of a world where “those kind of people” (read industrial workers) are not welcome here. Romney needs to attack Obama on these points, and he needs to do it in Philadelphia, and on the major Philadelphia radio and TV stations. Progressives in this region are scared. Even Rush has been has been pulled from the CBS major talk station to silence the critics.

So it is time to attack Obama’s policies in Philadelphia and Wilmington. It is time to attack his campaign. A better plan for four more years Obama says, well show me the budget. A man that can’t put together a budget to implement his plan doesn’t have a plan, he has dreams. And Ivory tower dreams won’t create good jobs for working people who want to use the hands to make things. Dreams we got, what we need is jobs.

Romney/Ryan because a plan to create jobs needs a budget
And Obama only offers pie in the sky dreams about fantasy jobs.

Romney/Ryan because we want factories and jobs
Not some failed dream world where no one has work up a sweat to earn a great living.

Romney Ryan for affordable energy. And Energy Jobs.
Not fantastically expensive green energy and pie in the sky green jobs.

It is time to strike hard against the lies in Philadelphia. You may never win, but the purpose of strategic interdiction isn’t to wrest control of areas the opponents strongest safe areas. It is to weaken the opposition where they are least prepared to defend. Force them to defend their safe havens. Draw off resources from areas where the battle is undecided. And just as important the purpose is to suppress the turn out. If people see how bad it is for themselves to vote for four more years of Obama, they may never get up the courage to vote against him. But staying home is enough. You don’t have to win, just make people aware of the truth, let them know that voting for Obama is a vote against yourself, your family, your future. Get enough of the truth out to Philadelphia, and Romney wins Pennsylvania. Force the Obama campaign to defend Philadelphia and given his fund raising gap, he that will yield surrender somewhere else.

Philadelphia got NOTHING from this administration. Delaware got NOTHING from this administration (Except a lot of road jobs that take people faster between houses in foreclosure to empty factories with no jobs) The Delaware Valley region has been thrown under the bus. Romney Ryan can win the region, it can win Pennsylvania, but that win starts by a strong strategic interdiction campaign in Philadelphia to counter the lies and suppress the deception.

One more piece of bad news for the region. E.I Dupont has abandoned it’s over 65 retirees, after a history going back as far as I can remember of providing one of the best health care plans for retirees in the country. When Obama Care passed, Dupont expected their generous health care plan to be grandfathered, and made a few small changes to be more acceptable (for 2012). This year they shut down the program completely, and while they don’t say it, it is clear that Duponts “gold plated” health care benefits for it’s retirees was a target of the administration. There are tens if not hundreds of thousands of seniors who are retired from Dupont living in the Delaware valley who are faced with making choices in the days leading up to the election. They should know that this change is because of Obama Care. Instead of lowering health care and health care plan costs, Obama care has accelerated the cost of providing health care and especially health insurance. And seniors are among the hardest hit. Many of the “insulated seniors” who traditionally supported Democrats are paying a price this year that will haunt them the rest of their lives for that mistake.

Romney Ryan – We will end ObamaCare through repeal or exemption.
Obama’s promise you can keep your heath coverage if you like it turned out to be a lie.

I am appealing to the Romney campaign to fight for my region. Even if you don’t win the local battle, you need a strong strategic interdiction campaign to assure that the local resources are not used against you in the bigger fight elsewhere for the future of this great country.