Outside of being the most liberal, big government senator whose economic policies will wreck this country, the scariest thing about Obama is that he will actually be able to get many things done given the makeup of the House and Senate. Someone in the media needs to take a look at what has happened when ANY party has controlled both Congress and the Presidency. Someone in the media also needs to point out and emphasize that under an Obama Presidency his policies will be implemented basically unchecked and with very little real debate. Under a McCain Presidency every single one of his proposals will be thoroughly vetted, debated heavily, and only the ones that are obvious to the American people as beneficial will be enacted. This is a key issue, and one that the media hasn’t focused on.

As a second point people need to focus on the inflationary impact of an Obama Presidency. The government’s credit card is maxed out, and at some point our creditors (China, Middle East, Etc.) are going to focus on other places to put their money. When they do the US dollar will be subject to a massive devaluation and inflation in this country will run rampant. The only rational way to avoid this is to dramatically curtail government spending. The only candidate that has the potential of doing this is John McCain. Obama’s plan to massively increase government spending could be enough to push the country over the edge.

By the way, the $800-1000 billion dollar increase in spending that Obama’s plans will cost could be a dramtically understated number. Look closely at his healthcare plan, and then compare that to some state plans such as Tenncare in TN. Tenncare was basically a medicaid plan that was widely available and the benefits were similar to those offered by employers. Massive numbers of employers dropped coverage, moved people into the government program, and the costs of the program ended up spiraling out of control. It eventually got so out of control that it threated to bankrupt the State (it grew to be over a third of the state’s budget). At the end of the day Obama’s plan will eventually have the government plan grow to a point that it is almost a nationalized healthcare system, the system will cost substantially more than originally projected (I would love to see their estimates for healthcare cost inflation), and the government will be forced to massively cut the program back or dramatically reduce the coverage offered. In a nutshell it has the potential to be a disaster.