Would you believe that the leading Presidential candidate has the following resume?

1) A man who has spent a whopping four years as a US Senator, and whose single significant accomplishment while a Senator was delivering a good speech in 2004.2) A man who in his four years in the Senate has not authored a single major piece of legislation, but has authored two memoirs.3) A man who has absolutely no executive leadership experience, outside of leading his campaign.4) Someone who has broken significant campaign promises prior to even winning the election and taking office.5) A man who was friends with an unrepentant terrorist.6) A man who sat in the church of Reverend Wright for 20 years, a preacher who has condemned the United States of America.7) A man whose wife was only proud of her country once her husband won her party’s nomination for President.

That is the power of marketing at work, and the Obama campaign managers need to be commended for doing so much with so little. The McCain campaign on the other hand has been an absolute disaster. They have been able to take one of the most experienced, well respected Senators in our nation’s history and have him running behind one of the most liberal and extreme politicians in our country today.

McCain says fight with him, but where is the fight in his campaign? He will go on the attack up until the point where the other side confronts him about it and then backoff for no reason. This whole idea of not wanting to seem negative has been taken to a ridiculous extreme. On the Chris Wallace show, for some reason as opposed to stating the truth, that Obama is a socialist, he said he has “socialist tendencies”. Yes, and Osama Bin Laden has “terroristic tendencies”. Let’s call a spade a spade. Obama wants big government. Obama wants to tax and spend. Obama wants to use government to redistribute wealth. In Obama’s ideal world we would have nationalized healthcare. Obama is a socialist, unless they have changed the definition of the word.

Let’s hope McCain decides to really fight over the next couple of weeks and starts to really call out Obama on his policies. He should get aggressive and not worry about what criticism is lobbed at him by the left (they weren’t voting for him anyway). I would rather have a President that plays Karl Rove politics than one who follows Karl Marx economics.

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