I didn’t support you in the primary, Sen. McCain. As a matter of fact, you were probably my sixth choice. In no small part, this was because you had shown too much comity in the past toward people who hate my guts. You have only realized in recent days they hate you as well.

One thing I never doubted, though, was that you loved your country and have given much to protect her. The United States is threatened again. This time it isn’t by bombs, guns, or hijacked jetliners. No, the new threat is more of an attack on the political foundation that has kept our nation intact. People who hate us–that’s you and me as individuals for our political beliefs– are poised to seize the levers of power and take this country in a direction it has resisted for 200 years.

Your country has called on you again, sir. You simply cannot bobble this election in the name of a bipartisanship the former fringe does not share. Here are three easy things you can do, and you can start to lay the foundation tomorrow night, to make this election close and possibly win. I hope your campaign already has decided to do all three, but just in case…1. Name the names of congressional Democrats largely responsible for the financial meltdown.

You have made a good start in this regard. Use tomorrow night’s platform to do what your fairweather “friends” in the mainstream media never would do. Let the public hear that a Democratic senator named Chris Dodd and a Democratic congressman named Barney Frank helped engineer the subprime mess. Don’t try to go the bipartisan route and suggest the SEC chairman was somehow responsible. Point out that the man to your far left, Sen. Barack Obama, was the second largest recipient of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac donations. Let the public learn, probably for the first time, how deeply involved Sen. Obama was in what happened. Let the public know that if you lose and Democrats retain control of Congress, there will be no actual investigation into how the Treasury was raped. Let people hear you want prosecutions and Obama doesn’t.

2. Tell the American public in no uncertain terms that a massive electoral fraud is underway right now to steal the election for the Democrats.

Don’t let the night pass without a major condemnation of ACORN. Explain how Obama directed tons of money to this criminal conspiracy. Call on your opponent to condemn ACORN’s voter fraud and to join with you in stripping all public funds from the group. Ask Obama why he thought ACORN deserved his money, time and support.

3. To that last point, and along the same lines as the first, name the names of the unsavory characters who are your opponent’s associates and supporters.

You have said the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is “off limits.” You probably feared that you would be labeled a “racist” if you pointed out that Obama knelt in this hatemonger’s pews for 20 years. Guess what, senator? You put Wright off limits and a prominent Obama surrogate still compared you to George Wallace. There is everything to gain and nothing to lose at this point by invoking the names of Wright and Pentagon bomber and Obama promoter William Ayers. Tell Obama you not only have the guts to mention Wright and Ayers to his face, despite his claims to the contrary, but you have the audacity to condemn him for these associations. To his face.

These are things, obvious things, the nation needs you to do, senator. You won’t be the toast of the New York Times or the senate colleagues who hiss your name now, but you never really were.

Go out there and fight for us one more time. This is your most important struggle.